Calling the WCLO Talk Show

What you need to know when you call The WCLO Talk Show.

When should I call in?

You’re welcome to call at any time the “phone lines are open”. There may be some segments in which calls will not be accepted, but those will be exceptions to the main rule which is – your calls are welcome. The number to call is 608-752-4000. (you can also reach us in Rock County’s calling area at *1230 on any US Cellular Phone, airtime free).

What happens when I call in?

Your call is directed to our phone bank. Calls are answered by the producer in the order in which they are received. You will be asked for your name and what you’d like to talk about. WCLO’s show producer has the sole discretion of putting a call into our cue for inclusion in the program.

I’m ready to go–what’s next?

TURN YOUR RADIO DOWN. That’s so important, we’re going to say it again: TURN YOUR RADIO DOWN! The show is done on a seven-second delay, meaning what you hear on your radio actually took place seven seconds before. If you’re trying to listen to yourself while you’re speaking, well, let’s just say it doesn’t make for riveting radio. Once you’re put on hold you’ll hear the show on the phone.

When is my big chance?

As soon as you hear the host say your name, head right into your question or comment.

Awww…done so soon?

Well, we like to get as many people on as he can comfortably. Once our host feels your point has been made or the conversation turns, s/he moves on. Yes, that does mean “we hung up on you.” Sorry–host’s prerogative.

How often can I call the show.

There is no hard and fast rule. As long as you are contributing to the discussion in a positive way, we welcome your calls. However, once you’ve said your piece on a topic, please let other callers have a chance to get in on the conversation.

Hey! You didn’t let me on!

This is the decision the producer hates to make, but sometimes has to. On occasion the clock gets in the way and we run out of time-that’s the way it goes. If you weren’t going to be on topic, or you couldn’t come up with a relevant comment or question – you’re gone. If the sound coming from your phone reminds us of the original telephone quality as invented by Mr. A.G. Bell, you don’t make the cut. And if the location you’re calling from is noisy and we can’t hear you well, we can’t let you on–not even if you were the world’s most erudite Nobel prize winner. We apologize, but first and foremost we’re running a radio program here. If you can’t be heard easily and clearly by the producer one-on-one, our listeners won’t have a chance. But don’t let these “quality controls” intimidate you… just know they are there and give us a call.