1/16/15 - Tony Huml - Close the Gate Hoops

We discover a great individualized training program for youth interested in improving their basketball skills.

1/16/15 - Attorney Pat McDonald - Liability issues

We get expert opinion on some of the recent news items which appear to be decisions motivated by fear of lawsuits. That myth gets some dispelling commentary from our local expert.

1/16/15 - Rep. Deb Kolste

We visit with the State's 44th Assembly District Representative about the new legislative session and some of the items in the Governor's State of the State address.

1/15/15 Stay Healthy Rock County

Affordable Care Act with Mitchell Soetenga and Michelle Wright.

1/15/15 School District of Janesville

Dr. Karen Schulte and Keith Pennington give us an update on all the happenings in the school district.

1/15/15 Open Phones

Your thoughts on wants vs. needs in the city.

1/10/15 Culver's

With Ron & Barb Mallon

1/14/15 Business Tech Tips

Cyber security, with Brian Lippincott from Crystal Computer Consulting.

1/14/15 Brittney McKay/Angie Edge

First, we offer you a great opportunity to show off your "smarts" and benefit the Rock River Philharmonic coming soon. Trivia Buffs -- this one's for you! Then, Angie Edge from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, has some cheesy favorites for this weekend's game.

1/14/15 Miscellaneous Wednesday

Open phones on the State of the State, the school board, and running for office.

1/13/15 Focus on the Facts

Wade's favorite thing to focus on... The Green Bay Packers. The big game is coming up this Sunday and Wade has a preview.

1/13/15 Open Phones

More open phone time on bridges and the happenings in France.

1/13/15 Totally Random Tuesday

Open phones on the historic Janesville gas station, city spending, and bridges.

1/12/15 Open Phones/Jim Tropp

First, more open phone time on the proposed skate park in Janesville. Then, Jim Tropp, of the Rock River Repertory Theater joins us to preview the theater's upcoming production of Les Miserables.

1/12/15 Miscellaneous Monday

The Packers, Golden Globes, Janesville School District healthcare plan, and a skate park.

1/9/15 Fun For All Friday

Movies and more miscellaneous topics.

1/9/15 Fun For All Friday

Miscellaneous topics.

1/9/15 Fun For All Friday

A historic gas station in Janesville faces and uncertain future.

1/8/15 Stay Healthy Rock County

More on the flu, with Infection Preventionist Lilly Postel.

1/8/15 Kip Marlow - Working with Robots

First, more open phone time. Then, are robots taking American's jobs? What are the implications? We talk with the Founder and President of Marlow Surgical Technologies and author of the book"The Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice" about the growing trend of Artificial Intelligence infiltrating workplaces.

1/8/15 Open Phones

We hear your thoughts on another cold weather school closing day, and if robots are taking over for humans.

1/7/15 Rock the School House

Rene Henry gives us all the details on how you can see some of the area's favorite teachers take the stage.

1/7/15 Rich Rubino - So, who's running in 2016?

Rich Rubino, a blogger from the Huffington Post and political author, most recently of The Political Bible of Humorous Quotations from American Politics, joins us with his insights into what the Presidential Race in 2016 might look like.

1/7/15 Baby, It's Cold Outside

Schools closing due to cold weather doesn't sit well with Tim's old-school upbringing. We hear your thoughts.

1/6/15 Focus on the Facts

As the trial nears, Wade focuses on the facts of the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the case against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.