5/12/15 Totally Random Tuesday

Open phones on racism and more.

5/11/15 Janesville Renaisance Fair

First, more open phone time. Then, Chris Last is in to preview an annual event that continues to grow in popularity is back in Janesville this weekend.

5/11/15 Open Phones

The Janesville City Council is instituting a new phone policy... we talk about it.

5/8/15 Live From Rotary Gardens

Kurt Buggs of "Bird City Janesville" stops by Rotary Gardens with a progress report on their organization's efforts and a celebration of birds event coming on Saturday.

5/8/15 Live From Rotary Gardens

We chat with Horticulture Director Mark Dwyer.

5/8/15 Live From Rotary Gardens

We talk with U.S. Senator Ron Johnson on the progress of the Iran deal and other national security issues.

5/7/15 Stay Healthy Rock County

Managing medications with Pharmacist John Currie.

5/7/15 Tammy Goldstein/John Gaver

First, Tammy shares her insights into autism in her book, "Coming through the fog" and with us on the air. Then, America needs tax reform. As the 2016 presidential campaign progresses, candidates will face questions about how they would address federal tax policy. John Gaver, Tax Policy Specialist, Critically Acclaimed Author of “The Rich Don't Pay Tax! ...Or Do They?” Economics Expert,

5/7/15 Open Phones

There's another police-involved death in the news. We talk about it.

5/6/15 Let's Talk Real Estate

Donna Panico and Paul Schieldt of The Realty Group join us for a monthly discussion of the area real estate market, financing, buying and selling tips and other topics of interest to real estate buyers, sellers and investors.

5/6/15 Sandy Santana & Catherine Konold - Children's Rights

We'll explore the little mentioned problem of the violations of Children's Rights within the foster care system and what needs to be done to improve the system with the Director of the Children's Rights organization and an organization blogger.

5/6/15 Mat Staver - Liberty Counsel

We'll talk with one of the founders of The Liberty Counsel about the many cases where people's right to freedom OF religion and speech is threatened and explore the idea put forth by some religious leaders in Baltimore that a solution to the problem may rest on some religious principles.

5/5/15 Focus on the Facts

Wade focuses on gas prices.

5/5/15 Legislative Listening Session

Participants in today's listening session include:
Mark Spreitzer (D), 45th WI Assembly District.

5/5/15 Miscellaneous Topics

Don't miss a day of Your Talk Show. You can hear complete program segments of most day's programs right here.

5/4/15 Miscellaneous Monday

"Free Range" parenting, guns, fear, and the Brewers make a change.

5/4/15 Miscellaneous Monday

Open phones on alternative energy and more.

5/1/15 Janesville Farmers Market

The Janesville Farmers Market opens this weekend -- but in a new (temporary due to construction) location. We'll preview what this year's market has in store.

5/1/15 Mighty John Marshall

First, more open phone time. Then, the record guru Mighty John Marshall is in to appraise your records.

5/1/15 Fun For All Friday

Miscellaneous topics.

4/30/15 Stay Healthy Rock County

The importance of ergonomics with Lisa Polheber, Occupational Therapy Assistant.

4/30/15 Open Phones

More calls on the food stamp program.

4/30/15 Open Phones

Who is our Chief Justice? Plus, your thoughts on the proposed changes to the food stamp program.

4/29/15 Open Phones/Taste of Derby

First, we have more open phone time. Then, Crystal Reinoso and Marcy Weber from The Janesville Noon Rotary Club, are in to tell us about a fun event coming up just before the horses head to the gates at Churchill Downs.

4/29/15 Open Phones

More reaction on what's happening in Baltimore.