2/19/15 Open Phones

Your calls and everything is on the table.

2/19/15 Rep. Amy Loudenbeck & Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch

Rep. Loudenbeck and Lt. Governor Kleefisch stop by for a chat while touring the 31st Assembly District.

2/18/15 Angie Edge-WMMB

Amidst a national report showing a reduction in the consumption of milk, we talk with Wisconsin's dairy consumption and marketing professional.

2/18/15 Mark Freitag

Our monthly update with Janesville's City Manager.

2/18/15 Open Phones

Immigration, skate park, and health care.

2/17/15 Focus on the Facts

Wade focuses on the UW system.

2/17/15 Totally Random Tuesday

Parenting, City Council and more.

2/17/15 Totally Random Tuesday

Open phones on sampling alcohol in stores and vacation etiquette.

2/16/15 BIFF

The biggest movie event of the year is nearly here. We talk with BIFF organizers, Rod Beaudoin, Ron Nief, and Kristin Peterson, about what to expect from this year's world recognized film fest.

2/16/15 Cop Talk

Officer Chad Sullivan and Sgt. Brian Donohue give us the details on the most recent scam circulating through our area and some upcoming events.

2/13/15 Fun For All Friday

Valentines Day gifts and great guitarists.

2/13/15 Fun For All Friday

Wisconsin casinos and more.

2/13/15 Open Phones/James Bell

First, your thoughts on retiring Favre's #4, as well as other topics. Then, we get a glimpse of what General Motors has going on at the Chicago Auto Show with James Bell, Head of Consumer Affairs.

2/12/15 Stay Healthy Rock County

Measles with Dr. Jon Van Roo.

2/12/15 Dr, Karen Schulte

We get an update on all things happening in the Janesville School District with Superintendent Dr. Karen Schulte.

2/12/15 Wade Williams Guest Hosts

Open phones on ISIS.

2/11/15 Open Phones/City Assessor

First, more open phone time. Then, City Assessor, Richard Havisa, tells us about the assessment process for Janesville.

2/11/15 Wade Williams Guest Hosts

Miscellaneous topics include: tonight's Powerball and digital currency.

2/10/15 Focus on the Facts

Wade focuses on digital currency.

2/10/15 Wade Williams Guest Hosts

Rosemary Dutter gives us the details on the Dutter House, providing respite care for children with disabilities.

2/10/15 Wade Williams Guest Hosts

Miscellaneous topics.

2/9/15 Open Phones/Rep. Amy Loudenbeck

Fist, more open phone time. Then, we get an update from Amy Loudenbeck, Representative for the 31st Assembly District.

2/9/15 Wade Williams Guest Hosts

Miscellaneous Monday: Budget, global warming, and American Sniper.

2/6/15 Fun For All Friday

Don't miss a day of Your Talk Show. You can hear complete program segments of most day's programs right here.

2/6/15 Mighty John Marshall

As Valentine's Day approaches, we'll talk with our record guru and give you a list of some of the most valuable records with romantic themes.