8/11/14 Jim Farrell

Janesville City Council Representative Jim Farrell joins us to discuss the recent flurry of activity by some in the community who suggest their elected officials are not listening to them.

8/11/14 Open Phones

BTC Referendum and ISIS or ISIL.

8/8/14 Susan Happ for Attorney General

We visit with the third and final candidate for Wisconsin Attorney General on the Democratic side of the ticket in Tuesday's Primary.

8/8/14 45th Assembly Candidates Forum

Mark Spreitzer and Sheila DeForest join us to discuss the issues and their positions as they prepare for the Democratic primary in the state's 45th Assembly District.

8/8/14 Amardeep Kaleka, Ismael Ozanne

First, we talk with Amardeep Kaleka, the Democratic challenger to Rob Zerban in the upcoming primary for Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District. Then, Ismael Ozanne, one of the three Democratic candidates vying for the nod to the November election for State Attorney General joins us to discuss the campaign.

8/7/14 Stay Healthy Rock County

Medical records with Annette Fox, Director of Clinical Systems for WIITTS.

8/7/14 Erin Roth

Mr. Roth is currently the Director of the Wisconsin/Minnesota Petroleum Council based in Madison - a part of the American Petroleum Institute in Washington, DC. We discuss local energy concerns including the Enbridge pipeline expansion which will cross through Walworth County.

8/7/14 Thoroughly Random Thursday

Open phones on executive orders, voting and redistricting.

8/6/14 Lori Stottler - Primary Election notes

Rock County Clerk Lori Stottler will give voters some important primers for the upcoming August 12 primary.

8/6/14 Rob Zerban, Brett Hulsey

We visit with one of the Democratic candidates hoping to win the primary and challenge Congressman Paul Ryan in the 1st Congressional District in Wisconsin. As well as the challenger to Mary Burke in the Democratic Primary.

8/6/14 Rock County Clerk of Courts Forum

We hear from Jacki Gackstatter, Peter Severson and Sue Enloe - candidates for Rock County Clerk of Courts (another race which will be decided following the results of the Primary election).

8/5/14 National Debt

Tim puts the National Debt into perspective.

8/5/14 Attorney General Candidate Jon Richards

We hear from Jon Richards, candidate for Attorney General. Then, more open phone time.

8/5/14 Open Phones

We take a non-scientific poll to see who in the community is interested in joining C.A.R.D. Also, City Council Member Matt Kealy joins us by phone with his thoughts.

8/4/14 Andrea Briarmoon - Citizens Association for Rights and Dignity

We talk with one of the organizers of a citizens group looking to raise funds to finance legal challenges to some city policies.
Phone 608-563-1819
E-mail: card@changefoejanesville.com

8/4/14 Miscellaneous Monday

Your thoughts on the Ebola outbreak.

8/1/14 Rock on the Rock

An annual Christian rock concert event and back to school supply drive are coming up. We'll tell you how you can help and participate with Dave Fogderud and Raejene Schlenke.

8/1/14 Fun For All Friday

First, open phone time on the Middle East and voting. Then, we talk pet adoption at the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin as well as happenings in the Town of Milton, with Brett Frazier.

8/1/14 Fun For All Friday

Oakhill Chapel update and State Supreme Court decisions.

7/31/14 Stay Healthy Rock County

Emergencies with Dr. Jon Van Roo.

7/31/14 Summer Safety and Infant Safety

First, we talk to Sgt. Doug Coulter about summer safety and National Night Out. Then, We're be joined by Detectives Chris Buescher and Erik Goth to talk about infant safety and overall child safety in light of recent tragedies involving kids in hot cars, etc.

7/31/14 Open Phones/Ron Johnson

Open phones on the petitions and CARD lawsuits. Then, Senator Ron Johnson serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. We discuss some of the most recent developments in the Middle East and the continuing Russia/Ukraine conflict.

7/30/14 Mike Reuter

The Tallman Arts Festival is this weekend. We'll preview the event and also preview the exciting new Tallman Technologies tour coming to the Tallman House in August.

7/30/14 Leslie Matthews and Open Phones

First, Does Packer Linebacker Clay Matthew's mom really have a hidden cubby in the locker room where she prepares Chunky Soup for her NFL star? We find out as we talk with mother of Clay and Casey (of the Philadelphia Eagles) about A Football Mom's Guide to Preparing For the 2014 Football Season. Then, open phone time on the local petitions.

7/29/14 Focus on the Facts

We are just days away from the first Packers Pre-Season game. Wade Williams focuses on the facts of his true passion....Packers Football.