8/19/15 Open Phones

Should everyone get a trophy?

8/18/15 Focus on the Facts

Wade focuses on VJ Day, Victory over Japan Day.

8/18/15 Open Phones

Trump and immigration reform.

8/18/15 Open Phones

Hillary's email and Donald Trump.

8/17/15 Open Phones/Jill Sommers

First, more open phone time. Then, if you have DISH Network Satellite TV, you can not, right now, watch Madison's Channel 3. What's the deal and what's behind the dispute? Program and Operations Director of WISC-TV Jill Sommers joins us to discuss some of the dynamics involved and a simply solution to allow you to continue to watch the station.

8/17/15 Miscellaneous Monday

WISC-TV is currently in a dispute with Dish Network. Plus, Trumpism's!

8/14/15 Thomas Locke

We visit best selling author Thomas Locke about his new thriller, "Trial Run."

8/14/15 Diversity Action Team

Members Santo Carfora and Neil DuPree, of the local group are holding an event on August 24th to help foster understanding of differing cultures and reactions to them.

8/14/15 Bert Blain American Heart Walk

More details on the upcoming walk with Mike O'Brien.

8/13/15 Stay Healthy Rock County

We talk with Executive Chef Raechal Maat about what it means to "Eat a Rainbow."

8/13/15 Janesville School District

It's back to school time! We check in with Janesville School's Superintendent Dr. Karen Schulte. Plus, the international program is gaining steam, we talk with International Consultant for the Janesville School District Kevin Miller.

8/13/15 Lisa Jakub

Lisa Jakub spent her childhood starring in commercials, TV and Movies including Mrs. Doubtfire and Independence Day. What's she up to now and has she given up acting? We'll find out.

8/12/15 Rotary Corn Roast

Mick Gilbertson gives us all the details of the 29th Rotary Corn Roast.

8/12/15 Open Phones

Calls continue in this segment of YTS.

8/12/15 Open Phones

Your calls on a variety of topics.

8/11/15 Focus on the Facts

Wade focuses on factory farming.

8/11/15 Open Phones/Rhythm on the Rock

First, open phone time on "shipping jobs overseas." Then, Barry Badertscher joins us for the details on the newest re-incarnation of a downtown music festival coming this weekend.

8/11/15 Kevin Farley/Open Phones

Kevin Farley, brother of the late Chris Farley, along with co-directors Derik Murray and Brent Hodge of new movie I AM CHRIS FARLEY, join us to discuss the film and the short-lived but nearly legendary career of Madison native, actor/comedian Chris Farley. Then, open phones on free college.

8/7/15 American Heart Walk

Shondra McKarty and our very own Mike O'Brien preview this year's Bert Blain Memorial Heart Walk.

8/7/15 Fun For All Friday

Remember that place?

8/7/15 Open Phones

Review of the first GOP Debate.

8/6/15 Stay Healthy Rock County

Emergency preparedness with Bob Swenarski.

8/6/15 Open Phones/Mary Poppins

First, more open phone time. Then, Mary Poppins is coming to JPAC. We get all the details from Producer Ann Bonell, Actor Ainsley McNall, Director Stacy McNall, and Actor Val Crofts.

8/6/15 Open Phones

Republican debate preview, Walker John Doe probe, and more.

8/5/15 Let's Talk Real Estate

Donna Panico and Paul Schieldt of The Realty Group join us for a monthly discussion of the area real estate market, financing, buying and selling tips and other topics of interest to real estate buyers, sellers and investors. This week's topic: Investment Property.