12/4/14 Dan Simmons - American Energy Alliance

Dan is Director of Regulatory and State Affairs for the American Energy Alliance and joins us to discuss his view on extending a tax break worth 13 million dollars to renewable energy companies.

12/3/14 Dr. Rob Tomaro

We preview this season's holiday music concerts from the Rock River Philharmonic as well as have the debut of Rob's solo Christmas hit.

12/3/14 Open Phones

The race debate continues.

12/3/14 Racial Divide

The happenings in Ferguson have sparked a debate on race relations in the US. We hear your thoughts.

12/2/14 Kim Dooley-Van Galder Light Tour

We have details on this annual gift to the seniors in our community from Van Galder Tour and Travel (and maybe some ways you can escape winter as well). To reserve a spot on the Senior lights tour call 531-4545.

12/2/14 John Beckord-Forward Janesville

The President of Forward Janesville joins us to discuss community improvements and investments and their relationship to community prosperity and growth.

12/2/14 Open Phones

Free speech, Ferguson, and Cosby.

11/29/14 Dairy Goats

With Kim & Aaron Dooley.

12/1/14 Miscellaneous Monday

More open phone time on the wheel tax. Then, Mike Reuter and Megan Walker join us to preview the Rock County Historical Society's holiday events.

12/1/14 Miscellaneous Monday

Martha Gammons previews the upcoming Affordable Care Act Enrollment Fair. Then, open phones on the wheel tax.

11/28/14 Fun For All Black Friday pt 3

Jessica Schafer-Locher gives us all the details on ECHO's Holiday Events.

11/28/14 Fun For All Black Friday pt 2

We preview the upcoming Gala Holiday Concert and the Jazz Holiday Concert coming up at UW- Whitewater, with Leslie LaMuro. Then, the Janesville Jolly Jingle is coming up next week, we chat with Laurie Bartz and Shelly Slapak.

11/28/14 Fun For All Black Friday

We start off our holiday happenings show with an update and invitation from the group that is working so hard to renovate and restore the Oakhill Chapel. Their open house is December 6th from 10-2. We Check in with Richard Snyder and Jim Crittenden. Then, we preview this year's gigantic holiday light show at Rotary Gardens opening to the public on December 14th with Mark Dwyer.

11/26/14 Shauna El-Amin, Downtown Beloit Associaiton

Beloit's Grand Lighted Holiday Parade is this Friday ... with Holidazzle coming soon. We talk about some great holiday traditions that you can be part of in downtown Beloit.

11/26/14 Mighty John Marshall/Jason Burkey

On this big shopping day, we visit with our vinyl expert for some fun and a look at 10 records that could be in your collection -- one worth up to $40,000! Gather your records and John will give you his estimated value! Also, wel talk with one of the stars of a movie retelling of the biblical "Prodigal Son" story.

11/26/14 Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving fun facts. Also, Christine Rebout, Executive Director of the Janesville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau has your holiday weekend events.

11/25/14 Focus on the Facts

Wade Williams focuses on Thanksgiving.

11/25/14 Taxes with Todd Berry

The Director of the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance joins us for some factual information on how your property tax bill is calculated and some of the myths regarding taxes on your home and/or business.

11/25/14 Ferguson

Demonstrations ensued after yesterday's news the Grand Jury will not indict Officer Wilson in the August shooting of Michael Brown. We hear your reaction.

9/27/14 Green Tek

With Paul Jacobson.

11/24/14 Miscellaneous Monday/Ben Davies

First, thoughts on the budget and Budweiser's new ad campaign. Then, we chat with one of the stars of the DVD release - "Rumors of Wars". Can a post-apocalyptic society learn from the mistakes it uncovers in a pre-war diary?

11/24/14 Miscellaneous Monday

Immigration, road repair, and the fire station project.

11/21/14 Wade Williams Guest Hosts

Fun for all Friday continues with a look at Thanksgiving music and movies.

11/21/14 Catching up with Edgerton

Mayor Chris Lund, City Administrator Ramona Flanigan, and Edgerton School District Superintendent Dr. Pauli join Wade for a discussion.

11/21/14 Wade Williams Guest Hosts

Your thoughts on the President's immigration plans.