6/22/15 Miscellaneous Monday

Another Child Protective Services story; a Janesville teacher files suit against the city, and more.

6/19/15 Biggest Loser Run/Walk

We chat with TV Series season 16 winner, Toma Dobrosavljevic and season 5 Winner and spokesman for the event, Dan Evans, about an event that's open to anyone in Rockford, IL this weekend.

6/19/15 Ann Jacobs/Nile Nickel

First, we talk with attorney and President of the Wisconsin Association for Justice about personal injury, particularly as it relates to auto accidents caused by irresponsible behavior. Then, you may have heard of the partnership between Levi's and Google that would let users interact with their smart phones through their clothing. Its not sci-fi, either. We'll get the latest on some of these

6/19/15 Open Phones

Your thoughts on the tragedy in South Carolina.

6/18/15 Stay Healthy Rock County

Preventing stroke and heart attack with Chest Pain Coordinator RN Andrea Hughes.

6/18/15 Open Phones

What does it mean to "Identify as....?" We talk about that and the LGBT movement and the death penalty.

6/18/15 Jordan Goodman

Finance expert Jordan Goodman joins us to offer his thoughts on when the Fed might raise interest rates and -- while we weren't looking -- what's the latest on the debt and deficit?

6/17/15 Drones

It seems like more and more people are using drones... We talk about it.

6/17/15 Mark Freitag

Our monthly update with Janesville's City Manager.

6/17/15 Julie Lythcott-Haims -" How to raise an adult."

Our guest this segment explores how and why the hyper-attentive parenting, or helicopter parenting, trend has taken parents and their offspring hostage in this country, and exposes the real-life dangers that lie ahead not only for the kids who are raisedthis way, but for society at large.

6/16/15 Focus on the Facts

Wade focuses on public vs. private stadium and arena financing.

6/16/15 Angie Edge-Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

First, some open phone time. Then, Angie Edge stops by with some delicious dairy deserts.

6/16/15 Representative Deb Kolste

Wisconsin's 44th Assembly District Representative stops by with the latest on the stalled state budget deliberations and the many policy issues within the document.

6/15/15 Open Phones

Your thoughts on state roads continues.

6/15/15 Miscellaneous Monday

Open phones on trade, the death penalty, WEDC and roads.

6/12/15 Paul Murphy - Janesville Velo Club

Did you know we have a local bicycling club? We'll discover more about the Velo club and highlight some of the activities for cyclists of all levels.

6/12/15 James Otterstein, Dan Cunningham

Answers to many of your questions on improving our local economy will be provided by two of the most knowledgeable people in the area. We'll discuss I-90/39's role, the role of TIF districts, city amenities and how all those smaller puzzle pieces can add up to success for our local economy.

6/12/15 Fun For All Friday

Don't miss a day of Your Talk Show. You can hear complete program segments of most day's programs right here.

6/11/15 Stay Healthy Rock County

Heat related illness with physicians assistant Joshua Sheridan.

6/11/15 Dr. Karen Schulte

Our monthly update with the Janesville School District Superintendent.

6/11/15 Open Phones

Foul ball and other injuries at sporting events...should you be able to sue?

6/10/15 Tony Huml & Jim Lyke - Post Nuptial Agreement

Its a local production based on writings from Tony Huml and Jim Lyke -- and it sold out the first time, so we'll rediscover Post Nuptial Agreement in advance of another run at JPAC.

6/10/15 Antonio Hickman & Beth Tallon - Community Action

We fill you in on a special Father's Day Campaign that Community Action's Fatherhood Initiative is putting together.

6/10/15 Open Phones

Your thoughts on the potential removal of the 48 hour waiting period to purchase handguns.

6/6/15 Lavender

With Cheryl Rezabek.