3/20/15 Fun For All Friday

Don't miss a day of Your Talk Show. You can hear complete program segments of most day's programs right here.

3/20/15 Pet Peeve Friday

What's "grinding your gears?"

3/20/15 Senator Ron Johnson/Judge James Daley

First, we get an update on a variety of issues from Senator Ron Johnson. Then, we spend a few minutes with the challenger (and Rock County Circuit Court Judge) to Justice Bradley for the Wisconsin Supreme Court election on April 7, Judge James Daley.

3/19/15 Stay Healthy Rock County

Kids and accidental poisoning with Dr. Mark Boettcher.

3/19/15 Harry Rinker

Harry sticks around to appraise more of your items.

3/19/15 Harry Rinker

Ahead of his keynote address at the Salvation Army's Tin Cup Luncheon today, our Sunday morning "Whatcha Got?" host joins us for some call-in appraisals of your antiques. Harry is also holding appraisal clinics this afternoon in conjunction with theSalvation Army event.

3/18/15 Angie Edge

Angie Edge from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board stops by with a healthy breakfast and snack option made with real Wisconsin dairy.

3/18/15 Uninformed

The conversation continues and includes a thought-provoking clip from "The Newsroom."

3/18/15 Uninformed

A recent Jimmy Kimmel sketch makes us wonder just how uninformed is the general American public?

3/17/15 Focus on the Facts

Wade focuses on issues in the Tomah VA Hospital.

3/17/15 Online Privacy

We talk with Robert Neivert the COO of "Private.me", a personal information security company, about a proposed internet "Consumer Bill of Rights" that would let consumers monitor, correct and delete information that companies hold about them and ultimately prohibit companies from reselling and reusing data in ways that make users uncomfortable.

3/17/15 Bill Sodemann-Janesville School Board

Another big change is in the works for Janesville School District employees. Board member Bill Sodemann joins us to discuss changes to the early retirement program.

3/16/15 Open Phones/SCWBA Home Show

First, more open phone time. Then, its time to get started on those home improvement projects. We discuss the South Central Wisconsin Builders Association Home Show with Carol Engebretson and Gina Richardson.

3/16/15 Ted McGinley/Open Phones

First, we talk with well-known actor of Happy Days and Married...With Children fame (among many other screen credits) about his new role in the faith-based movie, "Do You Believe" opening in theaters this Friday. Then, open phone time.

3/13/15 Fun For All Friday

We chat with Jill Whelan former "Love Boat" star who played Captain Steubing's daughter as she helps the Princess cruise line promote their innovating shipboard entertainment featuring brand new Broadway style productions. Then, take your calls.

3/12/15 Stay Healthy Rock County

Healthy eating with Dean St. Mary's Executive Chef Rachel Maat.

3/12/15 Lori Stottler/Dave DiStefano

First, Rock County Clerk of Court Lori Stottler stops by with info on new voting machines coming to our county. Then, the Janesville School Board may have a solution for the District's anticipated 40% insurance premium increase. We discuss the optionswith school board member Dave DiStefano.

3/12/15 Open Phones

Your calls on a variety of topics.

3/11/15 Dr. Rob Tomaro

A look at the upcoming concerts and new season for the area's premiere orchestra!

3/11/15 Roy Chapman Andrews Society/Stoughton Trailers

First, Charter member of the society and author of the book about Roy Chapman Andrews titled, “Dragon Bones and Dinosaur Eggs”, Ann Bausum joins us to preview the awarding of this year's Distinguished Explorer Award to Edith Widder, a deep-sea explorer, conservationist, and a bioluminescence specialist. Edith joins us by phone. Then, in a new segment series on Your Talk Show, we'll explore

3/14/15 Open Phones

Officer involved shootings, cameras in schools, and health care.

3/10/15 Focus on the Facts

Wade has the facts surrounding Daylight Saving Time.

3/10/15 Open Phones

Your calls on a variety of topics.

3/10/15 Tina Louise/JPD Chief Dave Moore

First, we chat with actress Tina Louise about a Blu-Ray/DVD release of her new film today and what its like being part of a fright film cast as opposed to some of her other roles. Then, in the face of potential budget cuts, many residents will be receiving a survey to help the police department determine the public's priorities. We discuss the survey, the budget and take your calls with

3/9/15 Open Phones/Janesville Energy Fair

First, more open phone time. Then, the Sustainable Janesville committee is sponsoring an informational event featuring several vendors in the renewable and energy efficiency areas this Saturday. We get a bit more detail on the event that is free and open to the public with Kevin Bishop.