11/13/14 John Whitcomb - Janesville Ops Dir. of Public Works

Open phones last week had a lot of questions about trash fee increases, the landfill operation and other city public works concerns. We'll talk with the city's Operations Director and take your calls.

11/13/14 Newt & Callista Gingrich

The former House Speaker and his wife are enjoying new careers as documentary commentators and authors. We discuss each of their new books and get a bit of a take on the upcoming Presidential races from Mr. Gingrich. Then, we take your calls.

11/12/14 Business Tech Tips

Technology is impacting nearly every business. We chat with business IT expert Brian Lippincott from Crystal Computer Consulting.

11/12/14 Mark Freitag

Our monthly update with Janesville's City Manager.

11/12/14 Open Phones

We take your calls on a variety of topics.

11/11/14 Focus on the Facts

Wade Williams focuses on Veteran's Day.

11/11/14 Open Phones

Net Neutrality, cat-tastrophe averted, the budget, and downtown.

11/10/14 Zoughbi Zoughbi - The Wi'am Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center

Mr. Zoughbi presented a program at Cargill United Methodist Church Sunday Evening. We share some highlights and insights from the founder of this organization that seeks peaceful resolutions to problems in an area under nearly constant siege.

11/10/14 Senator Ron Johnson

We get the Senator's take on the election results and priorities for the remainder of this session and those of the new Congress.

11/7/14 Fun For All Friday

Bob Lesh from the News 3 Weather Center previews Polar Vortex... the sequal. Then, more open phone time.

11/7/14 Fall & Winter Auto Tips

Should you start your car and "warm it up" this winter? Do you need to use "heet"? What about tire pressure? We take your calls and get the best advice on getting your vehicle through the coming winter with Fagan Automotive's Service Manager Mark Erdman and service tech Jeremy Casper.

11/7/14 Fun For All Friday

Customer service and more.

11/6/14 Stay Healthy Rock County

Highly infectious diseases with Registered Nurse Stacy McNall.

11/6/14 Bob Dane-FAIR

The President seemed poised to sign an unprecedented executive order on immigration right after the election. With the change in the control of the Senate, we'll discuss the Immigration issues with the Communications Director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. Plus, take your calls after.

11/6/14 Open Phones

1st Amendment rights, drug testing, and political agenda.

11/5/14 Open Phones

More of your calls on the election.

11/5/14 Open Phones

Election aftermath.

11/5/14 Election Results

We take a look at the results of yesterday's election. Plus, talk with City Council President DuWayne Severson about the street referendum outcome.

11/4/14 Focus on the Facts

Wade Williams focuses on absentee/early voting.

11/4/14 Open Phones

It's election day, so we take your calls on all things political.

11/4/14 Open Phones

First, there's a Veteran's Day Dinner and Dancing event coming up to salute all our area Veterans this Saturday at the Janesville Elks Club. We give you some details on how you can attend with Bill Jorgensen. Then, open phones on all things political.

11/3/14 Open Phones

Politics, the Brittany Maynard story, and city trash collection.

11/3/14 Open Phones

Election preview & politics.

10/30/14 Fun For All Friday

Halloween hit music.

10/31/14 Wade Williams Guest Hosts

Open phones on a variety of topics. Plus, we spend a few minutes by phone with the Democratic Candidate in the WI Attorney General Race, Susan Happ.