7/10/14 Brian Fitzgerald/Open Phones

Candidate for the Republican 15th Senate District joins us. Then, more open phone time.

7/10/14 Open Phones

Wade Williams guest hosts with open phone time on immigration and the Brewers.

7/9/14 Rock County Cancer Coalition

Bruce and Bridgette Thoms share the impact the RCCC has had on our community and residents stricken with the illness.

7/9/14 The Kwik Trip Story

David Ring tells us the history of your community convenient stores.

7/9/14 Tara Tinder

We are joined by the Executive Director of the Stateline Community Foundation.

7/8/14 Focus on the Facts

Wade focuses on the Koch brothers.

7/8/14 Howard Gage/Open Phones

Howard Gage from Journey's in Faith Videos stops by. Then, Wade has a traffic and jobs study in WI.

7/8/14 Open Phones

Wade Williams guest hosts with your thoughts on immigration and a local protest.

7/7/14 Craig Knutson

Our City Administrator retires this August after more than 30 years of service.

7/7/14 Wade Williams Guest Hosts

Wade Williams fills in for Tim this week, kicking things off with open phones on a recent article about the homeless in Rock County and July activities.

7/3/14 Stay Healthy Rock County

4th of July safety with Dr. Jon Van Roo.

7/3/14 Open Phones/UWW Jazz Concert

First, some open phone time. Then, Matt Sintchak and Leslie LaMuro from the UW Whitewater Music Department are joined by phone by Roy Wooten - a groundbreaking drummer, inventor, musician, composer, and five-time Grammy Award-winning musician known as “Futureman.” who will be performing at UWW in July 10.

7/3/14 Sam Liebert/Jim Jensen

First, Sam Liebert joins us to discuss his recent Sheriff's candidate endorsement and some of the talk on city spending. Then, Janesville's Fire Chief Jim Jensen joins us to address some community member's concerns about recent developments in the continuing petition drive saga and the alleged targeting of a business owner who supports the petition to limit the city council's spending authority.

7/2/14 Open Phones/Rob Tomaro

First, more open phone time. Then, we check in with Dr. Rob Tomaro on all the exciting things happening with the Rock River Philharmonic.

7/2/14 Open Phones

Scams, liquor licenses, letter to the editor and an update on the breakfast pastry weapon story.

7/1/14 Focus on the Facts

Wade Williams focuses on the recent Supreme Court decisions.

7/1/14 Open Phones

The conversation continues.

7/1/14 Open Phones

Did city officials unfairly target Chad Karl? We hear from Chad as well as hear your thoughts.

6/30/14 Whatcha' Got?

Get those antiques, collectible and items you've wondered about together and have Harry Rinker tell you what they might be worth on this WCLO exclusive edition of our regular Sunday morning Whatcha Got? Program.

6/30/14 Miscellaneous Monday

It's a big day for Supreme Court decisions. We talk about that and other issues.

6/27/2014 - Beloit Amateur Radio Club

Al Homan, Brett Johnson and Carl Cramer discuss an upcoming "HAM" radio operators field day that can introduce the public to the hobby of amateur radio and we discuss several aspects of being a 'ham operator'.

6/27/2014 - Open Phones/ Political double talk

Tim looks for headlines ... callers weigh in. Are the political games being played with developments in the John Doe II case and is the media complicit in promoting political agendas?

6/27/2014 - Senator Tammy Baldwin

We open the hour with some news topics and Tim's "Missing emails", then Senator Tammy Baldwin discusses a variety of issues including the EPA, A tax modification bill to reward companies who keep jobs in the US and an attempt to amend the First Amendment of the US Constitution to regulate "money/speech".

6/26/2014 - Stay Healthy - Dr. Premraj Makkuni

Stay Healthy Rock County segment on chest pain and heart attacks.

6/26/2014 - The Next President is:

We start with calls on who might be on the ballot for President in 2016 and are joined in the second half of the hour by Policy Analyst Frank Vernuccio with his experience to add to the discussion.