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Great Game!....But!.....Am I Getting Old?

Ok, Super Bowls do not come more enjoyable than that. It was exciting, enjoyable and competitive. Made more perfect by living in Janesville WI. There is no fan, like a packer fan. I get to witness that every day. Congratulations to the pac and the most incredible fan base in the country.

That said, at 45, I’m starting to feel like and old man. Did anybody happen to notice how bad the performance of the national anthem was? Or happen to notice how pathetic, silly and talentless the half time show was? But the topper was the worst collection of Super Bowl ads in recent history. I have been trying to find the most appropriate descriptors but the words elude me.

One thing is obvious, the 20-30 something’s have become the heads of “creative” at the ad agencies and the words that come to mind are crude, witless, tacky, sexual & stupid. The ads are required watching for anyone in media today.

The conversation that will prevail tomorrow is how bad the Ads were & how the insiders of the industry will try and defend one of the most expensive, brainless advertising exercises in Super Bowl history. I was embarrassed for a lot of friends who I know in the industry.

Maybe I’m wrong, I’ll bring it up in the morning on the show, and if enough of you folks say to me “lighten up Dan, your an old stick in the mud!”….. I will.

But, the bottom line, I could not be happier for my Green Bay Packer fans….. You are SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS…I can put it that way because you guys own the team!.... Lombardi is coming home!! Congratulations.

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