Market News
Personal Finance Daily: How to keep airlines from losing your luggage, and hacking the stock exchanges
How to keep your luggage safe while flying, and how vulnerable the stock exchanges are to hackers.
07/31/2015 05:08:43pm
Obama administration extends Pell grants to prisoners
A group of inmates will get access to federal financial aid funding to help them pay for higher education while behind bars.
07/31/2015 05:01:50pm
NewsWatch: The gold crash might have a silver lining, literally
Gold bugs are getting squished, but the yellow metal’s rout—and declines in industrial metals prices—could set the stage for a silver rally, argues one analyst.
07/31/2015 05:00:07pm
Market Snapshot: Energy shares drag down U.S. stocks
U.S. stocks end with mild losses, dragged down by disappointing earnings from energy giants Exxon Mobil and Chevron, but post monthly gains.
07/31/2015 04:56:36pm
Daimler finds the sweet spot for electric cars
An electric car becomes financially more attractive for people driving 30 miles or more daily owing to low operating and maintenance costs, German car-maker says.
07/31/2015 04:44:10pm
MarketWatch First Take: Pinterest makes public hiring goals in diversity push
Pinterest, one of the first Silicon Valley startups to begin exposing the tech industry’s depressing diversity data, is now going one step further.
07/31/2015 04:38:56pm
Puerto Rico is about to default: What’s next for bond investors
Puerto Rico will likely default on its bonds for the first time ever on Saturday, a move that potentially could unleash a domino effect on other Puerto Rican debt, threatening U.S. investors with yet more losses.
07/31/2015 04:31:56pm
5 ways to keep the airlines from losing your luggage
The rate of mishandled bags is rising. Here’s how to hold on to yours.
07/31/2015 04:30:50pm
Paul B. Farrell: Bill Gates and Warren Buffett must think much bigger to save the world
So today, no mere homers, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett must hit grand slams to get in philanthropy’s Hall of Fame. So what would a real grand slam homer look like for two of the highest-paid hitters in the Billionaires Big League?
07/31/2015 04:27:28pm
Futures Movers: Crude ends lower to finish with worst monthly performance of 2015
Crude-oil prices look set to fall 19% for the month of July as the dollar largely maintains its strength.
07/31/2015 04:24:36pm