Your Talk Show Podcasts

1/29/15 Stay Healthy Rock County

Gas poisoning with Dr. Jon Van Roo.

1/29/15 Open Phones

Insurance and more.

1/29/15 Scott Angus

Editor of the Janesville Gazette for 25 years, Scott Angus announced his retirement on Wednesday (1/28/15). We talk with him about his career, the future of the Gazette and it's new editor (Sid Schwartz).

1/28/15 Gary Cannalte

Before Groundhog's Day, we see if our meteorologist sees his shadow, and what we can expect this winter/spring season. Plus more on advancements in forecasting and warnings.

1/28/15 Open Phones

Should taxpayers foot the bill for a new Milwaukee Bucks stadium?

1/28/15 Open Phones

A Freedom of Information Act request in the Janesville School District.

1/27/15 Focus on the Facts

Wade focuses, maybe obsessively, on "Deflategate."

1/27/15 Jim Bartlett - Taxes 101 for 2015

Owner of the local Liberty Tax Service offices in Janesville and Beloit will stop by for all you need to know about filing your taxes. In particular, we discuss how the Affordable Care Act might impact your filing this year.

1/27/15 Open Phones

Your thoughts on street repairs in Janesville.

1/26/15 Salvation Army/School Choice Week

First, Major Bob Faye of the Salvation Army explores some volunteer opportunities and previews an event where you can meet a national radio host. Then, we talk with the principal of St. Mary's Catholic School in Janesville, Steve Castrogiovanni, as School Choice Week kicks off, about the alternative of a Catholic education for families.

1/26/15 Miscellaneous Monday

Open phones on "Deflategate," street repairs, and assisted suicide.

1/23/15 Kris Shoemaker - YWCA Volunteer Program

Ever wondered where to find an opportunity to help out others in the community. Our guest has some good starting points for you from the YWCA.

1/23/15 Janesville Skate Park

First, more open phone time. Then, initial designs have been released for a skate park in Janesville. We talk with the organizers of a 12+ year effort to bring the park into reality, Roger & Fern Streich.

1/23/15 Open Phones

Climate change, state drug testing, and weigh stations.

1/22/15 Stay Healthy Rock County

Cindy Vickerman, Care Coordinator for the Steady Strides Program at Dean St. Mary's.

1/22/15 Ron Johnson/BIFF/Kids From WI

First, we get the Senator's thoughts on the President's State of the Union message. Then, Kristin Peterson and Rod Beaudoin preview this year's Beloit International Film Festival just a few weeks away. Finally, Michael Sanders, tells us how to get involved with Kids From Wisconsin, a well-known and talented musical group from the state.

1/22/15 Open Phones

Your calls on a variety of topics.

1/21/15 Dave Greer - Lake, Home & Cabin show

The 11th annual Lake Home & Cabin Show is coming to Madison with more than 125 exhibitors showcasing everything you need or want for your lake home, cottage or cabin. We talk with the event's organizer.

1/21/15 Mark Freitag & Ryan McCue

Our monthly update with Janesville's City Manager and Deputy City Manager.

1/21/15 Open Phones

State of the union reaction.

1/20/15 Focus on the Facts

Wade focuses on the Muslim prayer controversy at Duke University.

1/20/15 Open Phones/Fatherhood Initiative

First, open phone time. Then, being a Dad is an awesome responsibility. Both awesome in its opportunity and awesome in its responsibility. Community Action of Rock County offers men a chance to learn what it takes to be a "good dad". You might be surprised at the answers we uncover today. We talk to Erick Williams.

1/20/15 Dep. Chris Krahn - Snowmobile safety

With the holidays behind .. cold winter months have snowmobilers out in force enjoying the weather and countryside. A Safety Education course is required if you want to ride and were born after January 1, 1985... we highlight the course and get you details on getting enrolled.

1/19/15 - Hiring Outlook & Your Novel

First, Dr. Tracey Wilen ( talks about the changing dynamics for employers and employees. Then in our second segment, Kathy Newbern has a unique Valentine's gift idea -- put yourselves in a romance novel. Get a 10% discount when youenter Radio10 at .

1/19/15 - Open Phones - Packer Post Mort

We look back at the Packers' NFC Championship loss and at a new attempt to increase Wisconsin's speed limit to 70 MPH among other open phone topics.