Your Talk Show Podcasts

10/20/14 Gubernatorial Debate

Your Talk Show presents the full audio broadcast of Friday evening's Milwaukee telecast debate between Governor Scott Walker and challenger Mary Burke, sponsored by the Wisconsin Broadcasters' Association Foundation.

10/20/14 Bob Clapper & Gary Leidich - '63 Impala

Its a car as old as Your Talk Show host, Tim Bremel. Born in 1963 in Janesville -- a pristine 1963 Chevy Impala is making a stop at Fagan Automotive. It was purchased by Gary Leidich in 2012 at an auction with only 11 miles on it and factory plastic still covering the seats. We learn more about the incredible find and relive some of GM's glory days.

10/17/14 Fun For All Friday

Orfordville has a lot happening with the groundbreaking for a new school, a new farmers market and now, a new fall festival. We talk about some of the fun planned for this weekend with Beth Schmidt and Kerrie Schmidt.

10/17/14 11th State Senate Forum

We discuss the issues and hear from Representative Steve Nass (R) now making a bid for the Wiconsin Senate and Dan Kilkenny, the Democratic Challenger in the race.

10/17/14 Tami Goldstein - Autism Awareness

We explore the wide range of autism spectrum disabilities and treatments with Tami Goldstein, author of the International award winning biography on autism recovery," Coming Through the Fog" and this years recipient of the Wisconsin American Massage Therapy Association Meritorious Award.

10/16/14 Stay Healthy Rock County

Orthopedics with Dr. Ashish Rawal.

10/16/14 43rd Assembly Forum

Wisconsin's 43rd Assembly District Candidates Andy Jorgensen (D)(I) and Leon Hebert (R) will discuss their candidacies and view on the issues.

10/16/14 Anti-Bullying

Standing 6 ft tall in 5th grade and having other physical differences made Heather Whittaker a target for bullying in her school years. Now, years later and an expert on the subject, our guest offers reasons listed why some anti-bullying programs can beineffective and some ways schools and parents can curb bullying.

10/15/14 Angie Edge

Fall is here, and in studio with some delicious fall treats, Angie Edge from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

10/15/14 Mark Freitag

Our monthly update with Janesville's City Manager.

10/15/14 Open Phones

Discrimination, Ebola, and the fire station.

10/14/14 Focus on the Facts

Wade Williams focuses on referendums.

10/14/14 Deb Kolste

Now the only candidate running in the 44th Assembly race, since the departure of Jacob Dorsey who withdrew in September, Representative Kolste discusses her goals for the coming session following the election.

10/14/14 Totally Random Tuesday

Sidewalks, debates, and Red Bull.

10/13/14 Gubernatorial Debate

Your Talk Show presents the full audio broadcast of Friday evening's Eau Claire telecast debate between Governor Scott Walker and challenger Mary Burke, sponsored by the Wisconsin Broadcasters' Association Foundation.

10/13/14 Miscellaneous Monday

A spontaneous (and non-scientific) poll of how you'll be voting on the upcoming street referendum.

10/10/14 Dave Fisher & Gretch Hladish - Gathering Place

Our guests detail the Gathering Place's major fundraising event coming up on Saturday, November 1 - A Masquerade Ball.

10/10/14 Fun For All Friday

Open phones on Ebola and racism. Then, an evening of mystery and fabulous dining make the HPL/Literacy Connection Fundraiser a favorite among residents. We discuss new happenings at the Hedberg Public Library and the Literacy Connection while filling you in on how you can be part of the fun event coming up October 18. With Elizabeth Hough, Michelle Dennis, and Pamela Thomas.

10/10/14 Fun For All Friday

Open phones on Voter ID and Ebola.

10/9/14 Stay Healthy Rock County

Pain management and addiction with Dr. Jon Van Roo.

10/9/14 15th Senate District Forum

We present a special forum between the candidates running for Wisconsin's open 15th State Senate Seat (currently held by Tim Cullen (D) who is not running for re-election), Janis Ringhand and Brian Fitzgerald.

10/9/14 Street Referendum

Tim finds another inequity in the ongoing street referendum debacle.

10/8/14 Business Tech Tips

Brian Lippincott from Crystal Computer Consulting.

10/8/14 Copyrights & Trademarks in Today's Business World

Beth Russell will present a program on Friday, October 10, 2014 from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm at the Whitewater University Innovation Center. We preview some of the topics she will cover on copyright, trademark and digital business law. Beth is a frequent author and speaker. In both capacities she enjoys taking complicated issues and explaining them in understandable terms for non-lawyers.

10/8/14 Coats for Kids

Linde Paul and Kathy Durrant join us for details on this year's Coats for Kids charity drive. Then, open phone time on a variety of issues.