Your Talk Show Podcasts

4/23/14 House of Mercy

Erin Loveland, operations manager for the House of Mercy, joins us to explore all the offerings of the facility and to invite you to a fun and enjoyable fundraiser this Saturday.

4/23/14 Open Phones

The Milwaukee Bucks want a new stadium... and they want YOU to pay for it. We talk about it.

4/23/14 Open Phones

A Supreme Court ruling in Michigan leads to a conversation on diversity and Affirmative Action. Plus, a look at violence in Chicago.

4/22/14 Focus on the Facts

Wade Williams focuses on where our tax dollars go.

4/22/14 Open Phones

A teen asks Miss America to prom.

4/21/14 Rock County Rage

First, a look at the Obamacare numbers. Then, did you know we have a football team? While not quite the Pros, they are all the Rage, and they join us to talk football in Rock County.

4/21/14 Miscellaneous Monday

Details of yesterday's hit and run accident in Janesville. Plus, what is "Vaping?"

4/18/14 Michael Krueger

The Beloit Janesville Symphony is now the Rock River Philharmonic. We preview the upcoming season and some exciting changes taking place within the organization.

4/18/14 Tallman Easter/Mike Lecrone

A Knight and a bunny?? Well, not exactly, but we talk about the Knights of Columbus Easter egg hunt in conjunction with the Rock County Historical Society with Mike Reuter and Joe Knilans. Then, this year's UW Badger Spring Band concert (April 24-46) features Mark Pender from Conan, and Tom Wopat from Broadway, Dukes of Hazzard and Django Unchained. We talk with famed director Mike

4/18/14 Mark Antonacci - Resurrection of the Shroud

A midwestern author and attorney has been investigating the history and mystery of the Shroud of Turin - often speculated to be the burial cloth of Jesus. We explore the history and the science behind the theory of the most famous piece of fabric in the world, some of which can also be found in Mark's book, "The Resurrection of the Shroud".

4/17/14 Vets Roll 5/Essentialism

First, the fifth anniversary of the once-in-a-lifetime Veteran's trip is coming this May as dozens of vets and volunteers travel to Washington. We talk with organizer, Mark Finnegan about the upcoming event and an upcoming fundraiser. Then, get readyfor a new 'truth'. You CAN'T do it all. Author Greg McKeown offers his thoughts on what keeps capable, driven people from breaking through to

4/17/14 Open Phones

Open phones on taxes, community involvement and living on Social Security.

4/16/14 Angie Edge

April is Grilled Cheese Month and Angie Edge from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board has some delicious recipes.

4/16/14 City Manager Mark Freitag

Our monthly discussion with Janesville's City Manager.

4/16/14 Open Phones

More on the Nevada rancher story.

4/15/14 Focus on the Facts

Wade Williams focuses on the story of the Nevada rancher who refuses to pay grazing fees.

4/15/14 Steve McNeal-Beloit School Performance

A recent report shows WKCE test scores in Beloit are lower than average. What's the story there? School District of Beloit Superintendent Steve McNeal joins us to unpack the report.

4/15/14 Matt Kealy-Janesville City Council

The lone dissenter on the Janesville City Council regarding the Fire Station joins us to discuss the decision, his dissenting vote and what the next steps are.

4/14/14 Open Phones/United Way

First, more open phone time. Then, an update on this year's campaign for the newly merged United Way with Steve Kincaid and Tom Spilde of the United Way Blackhawk Region.

4/14/14 Open Phones

Your calls on a variety of issues.

4/11/14 Andy Mateja - Ronco & Popeil

Remember the Pocket Fisherman and the Veg-O-Matic? We gain some first hand insights into “The Rise and Fall of the First Popeil Gadget Dynasty” with author and former employee, Andrew Mateja as he tells the story of the two greatest gadget telemarketers of the 1970’s and early 1980’s – Popeil Brothers and Ronco – through his personal recollections of having the unique distinction of

4/11/14 Larry Pratt

Larry Pratt has been Executive Director of Gun Owners of America for 30 years. His stance on the recent (and past) military base shootings may be shocking or may make perfect sense to you. Plus, more open phone time.

4/11/14 Open Phones

A conversation on the true meaning of "Free Speech."

4/10/14 Stay Healthy Rock County

Organ Donation with Dr. Jon Van Roo.