Douglas Tuescher

Janesville police make quick arrests in morning burglary

An eye witness may have helped Janesville police quickly solve an early morning burglary.  Police say 40-year-old Douglas Tuescher, 45-year-old Marty Caban, and 42-year-old Michelle Sturdevant were arrested after a burglary at 38 Kerwin Matthews Court a little after 1:00 a.m. Thursday morning.  Police say a witness saw two men and a woman carrying batteries and tire rims from the area, and recognized one of the suspects.  Shortly after police arrived, the two male suspects returned to the scene.  Apparently one of their cell phones was found on the floor of the burglarized business, and police say they asked Caban to call Tuescher's cell phone.  The cell phone found at the scene rang.  Police used a search warrant at 601 Chestnut and say they found the stolen property. 

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