Flood Water Threatens to Contaminate Private Wells

Heavy rains in southern Wisconsin and the threat of rivers flooding are spurring state drinking water officials to urge private well owners to take action immediately if their wells become flooded.

If you see your well surrounded by floodwaters, stop drinking water from the well, and have it tested to assure it’s safe before you start drinking the water again.

Flood waters contain bacteria and waste contaminants that can threaten water supplies.  Wells located in pits and basements are especially susceptible to such contamination.

Well owners whose wells become flooded should assume their wells are contaminated and take the following steps:
Stop drinking the water and find another known, safe source of water to use, disinfect the well, and sample the well after disinfection to assure the well water is bacteriologically safe before drinking, cooking or preparing food with it.

Wells should be disinfected with a chlorine solution and that solution must come in contact with all the surfaces of the well, from top to bottom, and throughout the plumbing distribution system.  Disinfecting the well is work best done by a licensed well driller or pump installer.

If your concerned about your well water, you can have it tested by the Rock County Health Department.