Photo by Catherine W. Idzerda

Home explosion cause identified

The Beloit Fire Department has identified the events leading to a weekend house explosion. 33-year-old Tara Purdy and 37-year-old Todd Purdy were seriously injured when the home they rent in the 2000 block of Meredith Drive exploded on Sunday evening. Officials say earlier that day the couple had installed a new gas stove with the help of family members. When they turned on the gas to the stove, they were unaware that it was also the supply to the open line, which subsequently filled the basement with the natural gas which caused the explosion. Beloit Fire Chief Brad Liggett says the incident should serve as a warning to others. Tara Purdy is listed in fair condition with cuts, bruises, and minor burns. Todd Purdy is listed in critical condition with second and third degree burns. Both are currently at UW Hospital in Madison.


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