Janesville Police Post "Do Not Serve" List

Forget the no call list, the Janesville Police Department has a no serve list.

The Department announced Tuesday it developed and is distributing a “no serve” list to local businesses that sell alcohol.

According to a news release, the “no serve” list was developed at the suggestion of officer Joe McNally, who recognized that a small percentage of people in the community were using a large amount of public safety and medical resources due to their chronic abuse of alcohol.

The people on the “no serve” list have been involved in three or more calls for police service in a six month period where their alcohol consumption was a contributing factor to the disruptive behavior.

The police department plans to update the list every six months so people who are on the list now may not be on the list in the future, according to the release.

Everyone on the list was notified and officials say one person requested a hearing before the Alcohol License Advisory Committee, and another thanked them for assisting with their problem.

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