Flashers in Milton

The City of Milton may have a number of flashers. Police are investigating four incidents over the last few weeks, the latest this past Monday morning. Police Chief Dan Layber says "it's very unusual to have these types of incidents and to have them happen in a relatively short time period. The most recent incidents happened a little after 4:00 o'clock Monday morning at Casey's General Store on South John Paul Road. A female worker at the 24-hour convenience store reported a white balding man in his 40's exposed himself. Later in the morning, a little after 11:00, a women in a residential area on Second Street witnessed a teen-ager standing on the sidewalk and exposing himself. The previous incidents happened in late September involving a flasher in his 20's first seen on Columbus street, then on Front Street a few minutes later. Chief Layber calls these incidents a concern.

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