Veterans honored in Janesville

Cold wet snow did not deter the faithful from honoring veterans Monday in Janesville's Traxler Park. A sea of umbrellas helped brace a crowd of around 150 against a chilling wind and wet snow during ceremonies along Veteran's Plaza. Among them, Viet Nam Veteran Jodie Baker-Brink, who helped dedicate the Gold Star Mother's Plaque on the Medal of Honor Walkway. Viet Nam Veteran R-K Mitby had the honors of helping dedicating a Purple Heart plaque. Next year a plaque honoring Viet Nam veterans is being planned. The Patriotic Society also offered a fresh way to remember veterans this year. Songs, like "Over There", were used to remember World War One. Other iconic melodies were used to honor veterans of America's other conflicts, all the way up to a rendition of Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American", in recognition of the Global War on Terror.