AUDIO: Parents File $500,000 Claim Against City of Janesville

The parents of a Janesville area high school student have filed a claim against the city of Janesville for $500,000.

The attorney for the student and his parents claim that the boy was asked to move to the back, and kicked off of a Janesville Transit system bus on November 7th, due to his race.

The City has released video of the incident on the bus to the media.

In the exchange, which lasts less than a minute, the bus driver can be heard asking the boy to move out of the handicap section of the bus, to make room for another person.

When the boy refuses to move, she kicks him off the bus.

A statement released by Janesville City Manager Mark Freitag says racism is not tolerated by the Janesville Transit system or the City of Janesville, and they deny and dispute the characterization placed by the student's parents upon the actions, statements, and motivations of the Janesville bus driver involved.

Reportedly, the bus driver no longer works for the city.

Listen to the audio from the exchange below.