AUDIO: Local senator hears about agriculture concerns

After meeting with representatives from the Rock, Jefferson, and Walworth Farm Bureaus, Republican Neal Kedzie of Elkorn says current concerns center around three issues.  Among them high capacity wells, animal treatment, and impliment husbandry.  Kedzie is currently working on legislation to strike a balance between environmental safety and commercial issues regarding high capacity wells.  He says farmers are worried about being able to sell their operations or transfer them to family members, with the rules regarding the wells to change somewhere in between.  When it comes to implement husbandry,better known as farm machinery, Kedzie says equipment is getting bigger and heavier, and can create havoc on roads. He adds though it's important to allow farmers have access to their property and can do their jobs as efficiently as possible.  Finally, when it comes to the fair treatment of animals, farmers are worried about a fair playing field, and being able to compete with operations in other states.  Kedize met with representatives of the farming community during a recent agricultural legislative day at the capital.