AUDIO: Cullen Helps Constituents with Unemployment

Add helping constituents sign up for unemployment benefits to the list of hats Tim Cullen wears.

Following reports of recent difficulties with the state Unemployment Insurance Office's assistance hotline, Senator Tim Cullen of Janesville is encouraging anyone who is having problems with the hotline to contact his office.

Cullen says he has received numerous calls in recent weeks from people who cannot get through to the unemployment benefits phone system to file a claim, check on the status of a claim, or provide additional information that is necessary to start receiving an unemployment check.

Other legislative offices are fielding similar call volumes. Cullen said that the problem is so pervasive that legislators are calling on Governor Walker to provide a long-term fix to the issue.

Cullen and nine of his colleages sent a letter to the governor urging him to look into the problem.

Cullen encourages anyone experiencing difficulties getting through the unemployment benefits phone system to call his office to expedite the process.  The phone number is 608-266-2253 or toll-free 1-800-334-1468.