AUDIO: Rock County considers less jail time

Local civic, academic, and law enforcement leaders are working to arrest what they describe as an "incarceration epidemic".    Wisconsin may need to change the way it thinks about punishing criminals, according to a member of the Rock County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.  Regina Dunkin tells "Your Talk Show" on WCLO a recent national training showed her treatment courts and diversion opportunities are effective alternatives to incarceration.  Sheriff Robert Spoden says Rock County is already a leader in the state using things like a drug court and electronic monitoring.  Spoden says simple incarceration isn't always effective in reducing recidivism.  Beloit College Associate Professor of Sociology Charles Westerberg says some evidence is reflected in an incarceration rate, increasing five-fold over the last generation.  A panel discussion regarding the "Incarceration Epidemic ... Crisis in Wisconsin" is planned for 7:00 p.m. Wednesday at Beloit College.