AUDIO: Potholes expected to get worse

This winter's radical weather has been causing real problems for road crews.  When it comes to road conditions this spring,  Janesvillle Operations Director John Whitcomb doesn't sound very optimistic.  He says, "I think it's going to be a big pothole season."  Ironically, pot holes have become such a problem this winter, Whitcomb sounds somewhat relieved another cold spell is here.  He says that's because potholes tend to erupt when the ground thaws.  He's already rearranging crews to have the personnel ready in the spring.  Motorists might want to keep track of where the worst potholes are.  Whitcomb says temporary "cold" asphalt patching is performed in the winter.  The permanent "hot" asphalt patch won't be applied until the spring and summer months.