Surprise winner for Kiwanis raffle

A bit of a twist, in determining the winner of this year's Janesville Blackhawk Golden "K" Kiwanis "Truck on Ice"  contest.  Not only was it the first ever "tie" in the contest's eleven year history, but the winner turns out to be the club's president.   Glen Disrude admits to being a little embarrassed.  Davis Citgo pulled the truck from the Traxler Park Lagoon Wednesday and found Disrude's guess, for when the truck would sink, was only one minute off.  Disrude may be the club's president, but he's not on the committee in charge of the contest.  After paying off the winner's, like Disrude, the club plans to donate the contest's proceeds of around $11,000 to scholarships at Blackhawk Technical College, UW-Rock County,  Craig and Parker High Schools, and a variety of other charities.  Ironically, the winner last year happened to be Disrude's own mother.