Rock County Sheriff introduces Computer Cop initiative

The Rock County Sheriff's office introduces a new tool for parents.

Sheriff Robert Spoden along with members of the Arrowhead Library System held a press conference on Tuesday at 9:00 AM, at the Hedberg Public Library in Janesville to unveil a new internet safety initiative.  The Sheriff’s Office will be distributing free internet monitoring software that enables parents to protect their children against online sexual predators, cyber bullies and other potential harmful situations that can occur while children use a computer.
Parents will be pleased to learn that the Computer Cop software captures full text transcripts from online chat rooms, emails, and social media sites.  The software can also check your computer for sexually explicit words, inappropriate pictures/videos, and language pertaining to drug use and weapons using the program’s built-in thesaurus containing more than 5,000 “flagged” words.
Sheriff Spoden is pleased to convey that the Computer Cop software was purchased by the Rock County Sheriff’s Office using funds seized from illegal criminal activity. Computer Cop will be distributed to parents and guardians throughout Rock County at no-cost to taxpayers.