Data Dimensions presents major donation to YWCA CARE House

YWCA Rock County officials are pleased to announce a $50,000 gift from Data 
Data Dimensions is designating this gift for renovations to the YWCA CARE House 
facility. Since 1993, CARE House has served as a safe place for thousands of children 
who report sexual and physical abuse or neglect. These children are interviewed by a 
professional team of CARE House advocates, law enforcement, child protective 
services, prosecutors and others. The child is interviewed once to prevent being further 
traumatized by the system designed to protect them. 
“This generous gift will benefit children for many years to come,” says Angela Moore, 
YWCA Executive Director. “These renovations will help us provide the highest level of 
service possible to children who need it the most.” 
Among the planned renovations: 
∙ Replace front door to improve energy efficiency 
∙ Renovate bathroom 
∙ Replace worn, decades-old carpet 
∙ Paint to brighten rooms 
∙ Fresh landscaping to create a welcoming space 
∙ Create a new jungle-themed play area to captivate the children’s imagination after 
emotional interviews 
Representatives of Data Dimensions say employees still talk about hearing a mother 
and daughter talk about their experience with CARE House. They say it was the first 
time many employees understood that physical and sexual abuse happens to hundreds 
of kids in Rock County every year. 
About YWCA Rock County 
YWCA Rock County is a not-for-profit United Way agency serving the needs of women and 
children in our communities. Its key focus areas include eliminating violence in our homes and 
neighborhoods, racial justice, economic empowerment, advocacy and community services. The 
YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, 
freedom and dignity for all.