AUDIO: Congressman Ryan speaks out on the issues

A local congressman speaks out on the IRS, VA, and his challenger in the upcoming primary election during "Your Talk Show" on WCLO.  Congressman Paul Ryan of Janesville has a lot on his plate these days.  After all, as chair of the House Budget Committee, he considers funding for agencies like the IRS, which he says keeps under performing.  He says you don't reward a wasteful government agency with bloated budgets.  The Republican is also paying close attention to the Veterans Administration.  He says it's a leaderless agency in dire need of reform.  Along with all that, Ryan is preparing for a primary.  He doesn't consider the challenge from Jeremy Ryan of Madison comparable to the recent Virginia race which unseated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.  He says the Ryan fellow isn't really a Republican, but is a protester who only decided to run because he has the same last name.  The congressman says this is the only primary challenge he's had since his first run for office.