Clayton Courtney appears on attempted first degree homicide from jail in an unrelated case

BREAKING NEWS: Courtney arrested for Cross homicide

On May 5th, 2014, Britney Cross’ body was found in the 500 block of N. Main St. in the City of Janesville. The autopsy revealed that her death was caused by blunt force impact head injury. The manner of death was deemed to be homicide.

Several witnesses saw 28-year-old Clayton Courtney and Britney Cross together in Traxler Park near the dead end of N. Main St. late in the afternoon of May 4th. Several items belonging to Clayton Courtney were recovered at the crime scene. Among those items were a baseball cap, a shirt and a pocket sized Bible that Mr. Courtney was known to regularly carry. Additionally, blood was found on Mr. Courtney’s pants when he was arrested on an unrelated matter the evening of May 4th. The Wisconsin State Crime Lab confirmed today that the DNA in the blood found on Mr. Courtney’s pants matched Britney Cross’ DNA.

Thursday afternoon, Janesville Police Department Detectives Mark Johnson and Steve Williams went to the Rock County Jail and arrested Clayton Courtney for First Degree Intentional Homicide for his involvement in the homicide of Britney Cross. Mr. Courtney is scheduled to appear at Jail Intake Court Friday afternoon at 3:00 p.m.

Police have interviewed Mr. Courtney several times since his original arrest and have not been able to confirm his prior claim that he “killed three people”. They have been able to disprove some of his statements made in relation to this claim. Police say they are hopeful there are no other victims, but will continue to investigate any leads we receive.

In regards to the death of Mary Coulthard, police have no new information to release at this time. Evidence has been sent to the Wisconsin State Crime Lab to be analyzed. Police say they have not been able to link Mr. Courtney to Mary Coulthard and Courtney has denied any involvement in her death.