AUDIO: Milton considers ways to attract more visitors

A local community works to become more of a "destination location".   Milton is a small town boasting several big events including a 4th of July celebration, Chicken Barbecue, and Christmas Walk.  City Administrator Jerry Schuetz would like to see more.  Schuetz is suggesting a stronger public-private partnership to develop more visitor attracting events for the community.  During a meeting of the Tourism Development Committee Tuesday, Schuetz floated the idea that all 200 small businesses in town invest in a fund to help develop attractions.  He says $50 each would build a $10,000 fund, and could be matched by the city.  This type of investment could help community leaders better decide the best value in prospective events.  The Tourism Committee was considering becoming a stop on the nationally acclaimed "Hot Rod Tour", but was reluctant because of limited funding.