AUDIO: Congressman Ryan outlines poverty plan

Congressman Paul Ryan has releases a plan aimed at fighting poverty in the U-S.   The House Budget Committee chairman is proposing a series of reforms he believes would help people pull themselves out of poverty.  Ryan says it's become clear that the nation's current approach to the issue is not working.  Part of Ryan's plan would consolidate multiple federal programs into a single point of contact for individuals receiving public assistance.  Ryan is calling for a wide range of reforms to how the nation approaches poverty, which includes relying more on local stake-holders to provide services.  Other proposals include doubling the Earned Income Tax Credit for childless adults, reforming education options, and providing job training for low-risk, non-violent criminal offenders to help them re-enter society. Ryan hopes the plan, unveiled Thursday during a speech in Washington to the American Enterprise Institute, will help spark a national discussion.  
Thanks to the Wisconsin Radio Network for assistance in producing Mr. Ryan's comments for this story.