Kidnap suspect takes the stand in her own defense

A Colorado woman accused of kidnapping her half sister's newborn from a town of Beloit home and abandoning him in Iowa testifies that she took the 4-day-old at the father's request.

Kristen Smith also testified that when she left the boy in a plastic tote outside in freezing temperatures, she put him by the front corner of a gas station so she could make sure his electric blanket was plugged in.

A police chief found Kayden Powell alive and well after the boy spent 29 hours in subfreezing temperatures.

Smith testified that her 18-year-old half sister, Brianna Marshall, had been having problems at home and planned to move to Colorado to live with her.

Smith, who has four children and a stepchild, said she was pregnant about the same time Marshall, but Smith miscarried twins about a month before Kayden was born.

If convicted Smith faces up to life in prison.