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Kayden Powell with parents Bruce Powell and Brianna Marshall outside a federal courtroom Thursday

Smith found guilty of kidnapping infant from town of Beloit

A jury has found a Colorado woman guilty of kidnapping her newborn nephew from a home in the town of Beloit. 

It only took the jury about three hours to return a guilty verdict against 31-year-old Kristen Smith, who was accused of taking then five-day old Kayden Powell in the middle of the night last February and leaving the infant in a storage bin behind a gas station in Iowa with sub-zero temperatures outside. 

Smith took the stand in her own defense during the trial, claiming that Kayden's father had given her permission to take the boy to Colorado and that the parents planned to join her there at a later date.

Kayden was in court with his parents to hear the verdict.

Smith faces 25 years to life in prison when she's sentenced in October. Her attorney says they do plan to ask for a new trial and will appeal the jury's decision.