Steve Benton

Steve-BentonHOMETOWN: Born in Terry, Montana, started school in Minneapolis, moved to Beloit in 1958 and have lived there since then, except between 1975-77 when I attended Brown College in Minneapolis to obtain my Associates Degree in Radio Broadcasting.

I got a job as a disc jockey at WLUV AM/FM in Loves Park in 1977. Six months later I was working part time (weekends) at WCLO/WJVL. I also worked during the week, filling in for full time news reporters when they were sick or on vacation.

RPGs, MPGs, reading, and perpetually maintaining an historic home.

Jammed with Cheap Trick in 1972 before they made it big, and played Summer Fest around 1973-74 and some guy playing a flat top, sitting on a bar stool opened for us. Found out later his name was Jimmy Buffett. Of course neither Buffett nor Cheap Trick were famous at that point…

Tuning guitars for some rock band…

“If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding, how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat!”


  1. Kelly Czerwonka

    Steve: Many thanks for having me, Christine and Bill on your show yesterday! On behalf of both the Evansville Tourism Commission and Creekside Place, I appreciated the opportunity to promote the upcoming Chocolate Extravaganza and the Discover Wisconsin preview.

  2. Paul DuBay

    Re: Mr. Ed Primeau, Audio & Video Forensics Expert interview about the “Paul McCartney” is Alive/Paul is Dead” (PIA/PID) story, December 14, 2016.

    Dear Steve Benton:

    Thank you interviewing Mr. Ed Primeau, and addressing the audio forensics investigation report regarding the PIA/PID story. As Ed said, I requested to hire his professional assistance and he graciously agreed to the corresponding work. You both said it well. The results showed that Paul is Sir Paul, and that replicable scientific evidence renders moot allegations of Paul’s demise. In addition, a new and higher academic standard has been set. All pertinent integrity issues have been addressed. While occasional criticism is received, no one has presented comparable evidence to affirm or refute the investigation’s results. Unless something more reputable is presented, to which I am responsibly open, publication of the forensics investigative report is an important step to bring valid closure to our history’s longest urban legend.

    There are two other items to mention. First, this was a “win-win” scenario for Ed and I. If Ed concluded that the man we know as Paul was not, we exposed one of the biggest frauds in history. If the results showed that Paul and Sir Paul are the same, then debate could move toward termination. I was, and remain, elated with the results. Second, I have done all I know to ‘get the word out.’ Since you have taken the lead as the first person in the media to put a spotlight on our significant update to the PIA/PID story, I hope the day comes when you do a follow up story. To that end, if you ever need additional information, I am at your service.

    However life unfolds, I again thank you for your time with this story, and wish you every success.

    Remember: There is a little Beatlemaniac/Maccamaniac in all of us!


    Paul DuBay, MA

    PS-You are right. The February 25, 2015, ‘World News Daily Report’ you mentioned claiming an interview with Ringo from his home in LA alleging Paul was dead was fake news. On Feb. 24, 2015, Ringo performed in Sarasota, Florida. He then flew to Brazil for a Feb. 26 concert. Ringo could not have been in LA at that time.

    PPS-Since I do not know how much you and Ed spoke outside the interview, and to ensure you have both chapters to the story, should you have time to look, please see the Youtube video, “Paul Is Not Dead: Audio Forensics Report.” It includes a client’s perspective of Ed’s work. It was very cool that you said you would recommend Ed. So would I. In addition to his JFK and Elvis investigations, Ed was involved in the audio side of missing Malaysian Flight MH370. It was this article that planted the seed about my pursuing audio forensics with the PIA/PID story. Only after we began our collaboration did I learn that Ed was one of the audio forensics experts interviewed in the article.


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