Your Talk Show Podcasts

2/11/21 Congressman Bryan Steil

Congressman Steil (R) District 1, joins the program to discuss the federal minimum wage, covid relief and more.

2/10/21 Janesville Superintendent of Schools Steve Pophal

Janesville Superintendent of Schools Steve Pophal with the latest from the school district

2/10/21 Open Phones Followed by Congressman Park Pocan

Open phone topics include covid and Rock Haven. Congressman Pocan follows with information from DC

2/9/21 Wade Williams Focus on the Facts – Gasoline

Wade is in to Focus on the Facts of gasoline, fees, taxes, prices and more. Will gas prices go up? And if so, why do

2/9/21 Open Phones Followed by Janesville City Councilman Tom Wolfe

Open phone topics include proposed transportation utility, taxes  and more. City Councilman Tom Wolfe follows with

2/9/21 Scott Manley Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce – PPP Taxes

Scott Manley joins the program to discuss PPP taxes, transportation utilities and covid liability legislation

2/8/21 Open Phones Followed by Greg Gerard with info on B.I.F.F.

open phone topics include super bowl commercials, super bowl national anthem, mask mandates and more. Greg Gerard

2/8/21 Dr. Charles Franklin Marquette Poll Followed by Amy Loudenbeck R State Assembly District 31

Dr. Franklin joins the show with some interesting information on what people in Wisconsin think of mask mandates (and

2/5/21 Christine Rebout Executive Director Janesville Convention and Visitors Buraeu

Christine joins the show with the latest  on what’s happening in Janesville. Will you still get out despite

2/5/21 Gale Price Director of Economic Development – City of Janesville

Gale joins the program to discuss liquor licenses, e-commerce business and other developments in the city. What