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2/4/21 Open Phones

open phone topics include new midday and evening programming on WCLO, taxing unemployment benefits, capping

2/4/21 Congressman Bryan Steil Followed by Rock County Public Health Supervisor Lori Soderberg

Congressman Steil joins the show with news from Washington DC. Rock County Public Health Supervisor Lori Soderberg

2/3/21 Open Phones

open phones to close the hour.

2/3/21 Noah Williams Professor of Economics at UW-Madison

Noah Williams is a Professor of Economics at UW-Madison. He joins the program this morning to discuss $15 minimum

2/3/21 Open Phones Followed By Congressman Mark Pocan

Open phones start the hour. Congressman Mark Pocan follows with the latest from Washington DC.

2/2/21 Focus on the Facts – Executive Orders

Wade is in to Focus on the Facts of executive orders

2/2/21 Open Phones

Open phone topics include President Biden, former President Trump, impeachment, deficit spending, taxing the rich and

2/2/21 James Otterstein Rock County Development Direcotr

James joins the program this hour to talk about the new Rock Ready Index and the health of the

2/1/21 Open Phones Followed by David Schaunsberg with info on Agrace Hospice Care

Open phones open the hour, Then, losing a family member is never easy, but one local family has turned their personal

2/1/21 John Berkely and Greg Snyder Uncommon Cents Investing

John and Greg join the program to discuss and make sense of what’s happening with GameStop, RobinHood and