AUDIO: Former Assemblyman runs for State Senate

A familiar name in politics and labor will be on this fall's ballot.  Some might ask why former 44th Assembly District Representative, Mike Sheridan of Janesville , would want to return to the legislature.  He says he gets asked the question a lot, but really misses the job.  The Democrat formally announced his candidacy for the 15th State Senate district Sunday.  Sheridan says helping create more jobs is his top issue. As a former legislature, Assembly Speaker, past president for UAW Local 95, and more recently a lobbyisty for the AFL-CIO, Sheridan is confident of his skills to open doors.  He says he has plenty of relationships in Madison and can work across the partisan aisle.  Sheridan lost his Assembly seat to Republican challenger Joe Knilans in 2010, shortly after it came to light he was dating a lobbyist for the payday loan industry.