Your Talk Show / Stan Milam Show Podcasts

10/27/21 Business Spotlight – Edgerton Hospital

Edgerton Hospital CEO Marc Augsburger and the facility’s Horticulturalist, Mark Dwyer join us for this

10/27/21 Open Phones

open phone topics include funding the ice arena, vaccine mandates, alternative covid treatments and more

10/27/21 Joe Handrick Common Sense Wisconsin on Redistricting Followed by Congressman Mark Pocan

Democrats are demanding a new map be drawn from scratch — they argue the 2012 legislative map is too partisan.

10/26/21 Running for Public Office Informational Panel

Rich Gruber (sitting in for Stan Milam) discusses the topic with Janesville City Council Member Heather Miller,

10/26/21 Dr. Susan Johnson and Bill McCoshen

Dr. Johnson is the political advisor to The Stan Milam Show. She talks with Rich Gruber (sitting in for Stan) about

10/26/21 Wade Williams Focus on the Facts – Halloween

From its origin to how much money will be spent this year, Wade Williams is in to Focus on the Facts of Halloween

10/26/21 Farm Hour With Jim Raymond and Randy Hughes

It’s time for another Farm Hour with Jim Raymond and Randy Hughes. Jim and Randy discuss crop insurance, fall

10/26/21 Tim addresses an email from a listener

In light of wisdom from his father, Tim addresses an email sent from a listener.

10/25/21 Former Congressman Bob Ney

Former Congressman Bob Ney weighs in on a number of issues including the budget bills, the border, Jan 6 and more.

10/25/21 City of Janesville Economic Development Director Gale Price

City of Janesville Economic Development Director Gale Price joins Rich to discuss TD/TIF districts, the former GM