Your Talk Show / Stan Milam Show Podcasts

5/30/24 Maestro Rob Tomaro – Updates on BJSO

Rob joins us with updates on the Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra

5/30/24 open phones

open phone topics center around the ability of a business to hire 14 and 15 year olds. do you feel the government

5/30/24 Pentagon Correspondent Tom Squitieri

5/29/24 Rock County Dairy Breakfast

Kristen Metcalf joins the show to discuss the upcoming Rock County Dairy Breakfast, June

5/29/24 Open Phones followed by actor Matthew Marsden and the movie Protocol 7

open phones followed by actor Matthew Marsden talking about his new movie, Protocol 7

5/29/24 Congressman Mark Pocan

5/28/24 Focus on the Facts

Wade Williams is in to Focus on the Facts of tourism

5/28/24 Congressman Bob Ney

National correspondent and former Ohio Congressman Bob Ney joins us and discusses Gaza, inflation, the presidential

5/28/24 Open Phones

open phone topics include Vets Roll, Memorial Day, telethons and more

Sheila Everhart – Wisconsin Ag Tourism