Closings (FAQ’s)

WCLO/WJVL are proud to offer community businesses, groups and organizations the free use of one of the most complete and comprehensive closings pages on the internet. As such, questions sometimes arise and we hope you’ll be able to find the answers here.

Do I need an account to view closings?
No. Anyone, anywhere, can view the area closings and delays without any account needed.

What closing information can I find?
Our closings information includes schools, businesses, clubs, sports groups, churches and other organizations who have chosen to use our system to notify their students, customers and the general public of any delays or closings caused by weather or any other situation.

Are closings only for snow events?
No. We make the system available 24/7/365. Organizations can post delays or cancelations for snow, temperature, rain or any other reason and direct their members to the site whenever regular operations might be in question.

Where are the closings posted?
You will find the closings page on our home website navigation bar under “Information.” Or you can simply click here.

How do I get an account for my business or organization?
To ensure security, all new accounts are approved by an actual human being. We encourage you to apply for an account as soon as possible to avoid “rush times” when processing is slowed. This usually occurs during severe inclement weather. To get your account, simply use the “Get an Account” link from our closings navigation on our website home page, or click here.

Why can’t I just phone in my closing information?
With technology is taking over many aspects of broadcasting, there are many times when our stations are running in “unattended operation”. As such, no one may be available to answer the phone. Additionally, we have no way to verify the identity of callers to our studios and cannot ensure the closing is legitimate. As such, we only announce closings on the air that have been posted to our system.

Will you announce my closing on the air?
The short answer is: “Perhaps”. WCLO/WJVL prioritize closing announcement on air using a variety of criteria including the number of listeners impacted by the closing, the total number of closings on the list and time available on the announcer’s shift. School and business closing announcements will usually take priority with other closings being mentioned on air less frequently. However, we encourage all account holders to advise their members to simply check the web page at their convenience to find out the status of their organization.

Who can have a closings account?
WCLO/WJVL offer our closings web service to the following: Schools, Day Cares, Businesses, Religious Organizations; Sports Groups; Clubs and Meetings; City Snow Emergencies. There is also an “other” category so that the service should meet the needs of most any group.

Can I have more than one account holder?
To ensure security, we only issue one user name and password. You may share that information within your organization, but we strongly advise keeping the number of persons with access to your account information at a minimum.

Can I have more than one account?
Multiple accounts for the same organization are discouraged as they can be confusing. However, in some cases they are useful and practical. If you would like to obtain an additional account for your existing organization, or if you would like to explore multiple accounts for a single organization, please email your request directly to our closings administrator..

I forgot the non-public login address, where do I find it?
Obviously, as a security measure, we cannot provide the information publicly here. It is attached to your original credentials email. If you are unable to locate that, please email our closings administrator.

I forgot my user name or password, where can I find them?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide an automated service to recover this information at this time. If you need your credentials resent to you, please email our closings administrator.

I need to change, delete or update a closing already submitted. What should I do?
The system will always display the most recent information submitted. Therefore, if information in your original posting changes, simply log in to the system and post the new information. It will immediately replace your original post once you submit the form.

I need to update my account contact information. How can I do that?
Please send the changes to our closings administrator. You shoud update your information whenever any of the following changes: Contact Name, telephone or email. Organization name, address or telephone.

My question is not addressed here… now what?
During regular business hours, call 608-755-8388 and leave a message. We will try to get back to you within four hours. Outside regular operating hours, send an email to the closings administrator who will likely be monitoring the account during periods of inclement weather.