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Reach more customers with the power of WCLO

Why advertise on radio?

  • Radio reaches 75% of consumers each day and 95% of all consumers each week.
  • Radio listening is consistent throughout the seasons, throughout the year. Month in and month out, your customers are listening to the radio.
  • Radio is the last medium to reach a person before they make a purchase. Most consumers have listened to the radio within an hour of making their largest purchase of the day.
  • Most people who are twelve years of age and older listen to the radio for 21-22 hours each week!
  • Radio is a personal companion. Your commercial message talks one-to-one with your prospective customers.
  • With radio, you can target your best prospects according to age, geography, and even area-of-interest consumer groups.

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Recruitment Advertising with Big Radio

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Other information

  • Advertising rates vary according to the frequency and requested time slots.
  • Combo rate discounts are available when purchasing advertising on WCLO and sister station, 99.9 WJVL.
  • Sponsorship opportunities are available for news, weather, sports, and various programming features. Live remote broadcasts are also available on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Global Marketing Director On Why Radio Ought To Be In Everyone’s Mix.

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