AG Matters

10/17/20 DATCP Board of Directors

With Doug Rebout

10/10/20 Hermanson’s Pumpkin’s

10/3/20 Town of Porter Clerk Nancy Towns

9/26/20 Rotary Gardens

With Michael Jesiolowski & Becky Kronberg.

9/19/20 Midstate Equipment

With Chris Frodel

9/12/20 Shipping Bees

With Brad Pounder

9/5/20 Evansville Vets

With Hailey Prohaska & Rachael Gortowski

8/29/20 Goats with Gabby

With Gabby Nelson

8/22/20 Rock River Thresheree

With Guy Faye

8/15/20 Rock River Watershed

With Randy Hughes & Pat Mullooly