Ag Matters Podcasts

The Farm Bill

With Karen Gefvert.

Country Quality Dairy

With Roy and Peggy Nelson.

Farm Bureau

With Doug Rebout and Casey Langan.

Crop Insurance

With Jessica Sarbacher and Jim Cronin.

Wisconsin Leadership

With Sarah Schlosser and Jim Massey.

Passing on the Farm

With Attorney Jeff Roethe

GMO Crops

With Brent Delzer.

Farm Legislative Issues

With Jim Massey.


With Randy Hughes.

Antique Tractor Markets

With Merlin Westfal.

Dairy Nutritionist

Garrit DeBruin and Rene Johnson.

Careers in Ag

With Hannah Gerbitz, Taylor Shuetz, and Sarah Gunn.

Mexico Trade

With Mark Gunn, plus an on-location interview with a local farmer.


With Mike Larson and Nicole Reese.

Bob Dailey

Jim talks with former broadcaster and Ag Hall of Famer Bob Dailey.

ECHO Food Pantry

With Sarah Williams and Jessica Schafer.

Lamb Niche Market

Jim talks to Steve Pinnow.

Angela Kinney

Farming practices in Brazil.

MacFarlane Pheasants

Everything you need to know about pheasant farming with Bill MacFarlane of MacFarlane Pheasants.

Sandy Larson & Erin Daluge

President of Rock County Dairy Promotion Council Sandy Larson and the brand new Rock County Ag Ambassador Erin Daluge.

The Current Ag Economy

How is the agriculture business today? Jim talks to some local Ag experts Randy Hughes and Rene Johnson.

North Leaf Winery

Jim talks to Gail Nordlof of Northleaf Winery in Milton.

Busy Barns

Jim talks to Mariah Hadler of Busy Barns Adventure Farm.

Ag in the Classroom

With guests Jillian Beatty and Nicole Reese.


With Dave Arndt.

World Dairy Expo

With Janet Keller.

Rock County 4-H Review

With Bonnie Martin and Rob McConnel.

Dairy Update

Host Jim Raymond gets a dairy update with Tom McClellan and Mike Larson.

The "New" Ag Matters

In Jim Raymond's debut, he speaks with Randy Hughes.