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Lower feed and fertilizer costs
We continue our conversation with Jerry Doan who runs a large cow-calf, grazing and cash-crop operation in North Dakota. Several years ago he took steps to improve the health of his soil including planting a cover crop of a dozen different plants which he then grazes in the winter. He says last year he saved [...]
Wisconsin's newest Master Cheesemakers
Wisconsin is adding to the list of Master Cheesemakers. The three-year program provides advanced training for licensed cheesemakers with at least 10 years of experience. . Cheesemakers can earn certification in up to two cheese varieties at a time and must have been making those varieties as a licensed cheesemaker for a minimum of five [...]
Coalition to prop up bridge testing
The Soy Transportation Coalition is offering money to a dozen state departments of transportation to help offset the cost of upgrading to better, more accurate bridge testing equipment. Coalition Executive Director Mike Steenhoek says bridges that farmers depend on to get crops to market are sometimes unnecessarily posted with weight limits. He tells Brownfield that [...]
SDFU president suspicious of rail/oil connection
A member of the National Farmers Union Board says the problem with railways putting grain shipments on the back burner is as bad as it’s ever been and congressional investigation is likely needed. Doug Sombke, President of the South Dakota Farmers Union, says the Surface Transportation Board (STB) is not taking the issue seriously enough, “It’s very [...]
FAS accepting foreign marketing apps
USDA’s Foreign Ag Service will start accepting applications this week for FY 2015 export development programs. Most of the funding, nearly $172 million is allocated to the Market Access Program (MAP) where USDA helps trade associations, cooperatives, small businesses and trade groups promote and market products in overseas markets. Another $24 million will go to [...]
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