23-year-old Johnquayl Bell and 17-year-old Chatavier Bell-Johnson

Beloit police search for two believed involved in fatal crash

Beloit police are looking for two suspects after a fatal two vehicle weekend crash. 21-year-old Cassondra Sympson of Beloit was killed. Police say the vehicle she was in, was hit with such force late Sunday afternoon at the intersection of Yates and Copeland Avenues, it flipped over. Police say the vehicle that hit hers, may have sped through the stop sign. Police say its two occupants fled on foot. Captain Vince Sciame says police want to talk to 23-year-old Johnquayl K. Bell and 17-year-old Chatavier Bell-Johnson. Sciame says the car was a rental and may have been loaned to them earlier in the evening. Sciame says either of the men may need medical care, judging from the severity of the wreck.