Janesville Police Department Award Ceremony

The Janesville Police Department honors a few of it's own.

The Janesville Police Department announces the 2013 Department Award Recipients. Recipients will be honored at a reception Thursday, March 6th, at 6:30 PM in the Municipal Building, Council Chambers. 


Officer Shane Punzel has been an officer with the Janesville Police Department since 1996 and currently works first shift patrol. Officer Punzel is a committed team member and often volunteers for additional assignments. When not answering patrol calls, he fills his day looking for wanted people or conducting follow-up investigations. 

In addition to his duties as a patrol officer, Officer Punzel is a dedicated member of the SWAT team and a Firearms Instructor. As a Firearms Instructor, Shane has an outstanding ability to help officers maintain or improve their marksmanship skills. He performs these additional duties with great passion and sense of responsibility. 

Officer Punzel was nominated for this award by three co-workers. He contributes greatly to the department and does so with an outstanding attitude. Shane is also a dedicated husband and father of two young boys. The department truly appreciates his efforts. 


Ms. Karen Burdick has been employed by the Janesville Police Department since 1997. Ms. Burdick began her career as an administrative aide and moved to the position of Records Manager in 2009. She has brought her accumulated knowledge from these two positions with her to her current position as Chief’s Secretary. 

In 2013, Ms. Burdick spent a considerable amount of time managing the changeover to the department’s new records management system. Karen assisted in the selection of the new system by serving on a county-wide committee, formed in 2009. She spent numerous hours designing the system to meet the needs of the Janesville Police Department, along with preparing and entering all the necessary data to ensure a smooth transition from the old to the new system. 
Ms. Burdick worked many long and varied hours when the system went “live” in June of 2013. She willingly made herself available to help all shifts. She also assisted in designing an internal training program to further help department employees understand the new system. Her dedication to the project was key to its success. 

While working on the new records management system, Ms. Burdick also helped train a new Records Manager. She continued to assist the employee while taking on her new duties as Secretary. Ms. Burdick serves as a key resource to the entire department and is greatly respected. This is her fourth Civilian Employee of the Year award. 


Lieutenant Terrence Sheridan began his career with the Janesville Police Department as an officer in 1992. Lieutenant Sheridan is currently assigned to third shift patrol. Since his promotion to Lieutenant in 2010, Terry has worked diligently on numerous technology initiatives for the department. He is often the first line of help for computer related questions and oversees the department’s squad laptops and printers. 

Lieutenant Sheridan manages the Field Training Officer (FTO) program. He recently updated the program to include problem oriented policing tactics. In conjunction with the FTO program, he oversees all background investigations conducted for police officer candidates. 

Lieutenant Sheridan has worked with command staff on all the patrol shifts to standardize performance expectations for traffic enforcement. He is also a member of the Commendation Committee and our resident sketch artist. 

Lieutenant Sheridan often works behind the scenes to improve the daily performance of the department. His dedication to the FTO program ensures properly trained officers and contributes to the growth of our department from the ground up. 


Officer Chad Woodman has been employed by the Janesville Police Department since 2000. He currently works third shift patrol and is a sniper on the SWAT team. Officer Woodman was awarded a Chief’s commendation for an incident he responded to on October 8th, 2013. 

Officer Woodman responded to a violent domestic dispute in which a father was beating a mother and had armed himself with a knife. Upon arrival, Officer Woodman encountered the children of the couple outside the home. He instructed the children to run down the street and hide until other officers arrived. The male suspect exited the house holding a butcher knife. The suspect refused to drop the knife and would not comply with Officer Woodman’s commands. After further commands were ignored, Officer Woodman used his TASER to incapacitate the man and took him into custody. The subject was arrested for four criminal charges. 

During this dynamic event, Officer Woodman assured the safety of the two children, the victim, and himself. He safely took the suspect into custody. Officer Woodman’s actions reflect his ability to perform under stress while utilizing his training. For his commendable actions, he is awarded the Meritorious Service Citation. 



Officer Benjamin Biddick was hired by the Janesville Police Department in 2010 and currently works third shift patrol. In the fall of 2013, the north side of Janesville experienced a string of residential burglaries. Typically, homes that are burglarized are targeted because of unlocked doors or windows. Officer Biddick took it upon himself to design a “Residential Security Notice” to be left at homes where unlocked doors or vehicles were found. By making citizens more aware of physical security, it is likely that burglaries to those homes will be prevented. 

Officer Biddick, a member of our Domestic Violence Intervention team, also designed a brochure titled “Protecting Our Children”. Many times children are present during domestic violence incidents. The brochure lists symptoms of exposure to violence in children and local mental health resources. The brochure serves as a resource for the parent to reference after the incident has settled and encourages the parent to utilize the proper resources if needed for his/her child. 

Office Biddick is applauded for taking his ideas, pushing for their implementation, and creating a finished product. He strives to not only solve crime but to help prevent future crime. 


Officer Bradley Rau began his career with the Janesville Police Department in 1999 and currently works first shift patrol. Starting in 2011, the Rock County area started to see an influx of live musical events at bars featuring musical acts from out of the area. Such an event in the Town of Beloit ended with a fatal shooting involving a Town of Beloit officer in 2011. During a similiar event in Janesville in 2012, an altercation occurred in the parking lot and one gun shot was fired. During two similar events in Newille in 2013 and 2014, one person was shot each time. 

Recognizing the trend of violence surrounding these events, Officer Rau took it upon himself to meet with a local bar that often hosted similar events. Officer Rau worked with the bar owner to review current safety practices. Suggestions were made to help increase both patron and officer safety. After continued meetings with the bar owner, no major incidents have occurred during events at this bar over the past two years. 

Officer Rau’s efforts are furthered recognized by the inquiries of other jurisdictions regarding his actions to increase safety at live music events. Officer Rau’s pro-active efforts have increased officer and public safety not only in Janesville, but in the region as well. 


Kealey Pharmacy, Janesville’s only independently owned pharmacy, is an active participant in the Rx Alert program. Rx Alert is a cooperative effort to increase communication between the Janesville Police Department, local pharmacies, and health care providers to reduce prescription drug violations. The pharmacist and employees of Kealey Pharmacy use the information provided by Rx Alert to recognize potential abuse cases and act on them accordingly. 

In April of 2013, the department received information on several out of state individuals attempting to pass prescriptions for narcotics at local pharmacies. Mark Johnson, owner of Kealey Pharmacy, received a call from an individual asking to have an out of state narcotic prescription filled. Based on the information obtained through Rx Alert, employees notified police. A short time later the suspect was taken into custody for a prescription drug offense. A similar incident in the spring of 2013 led to the arrest of a Janesville female who was attempting to pass fraudulent prescriptions. 

The employees of Kealey Pharmacy deserve to be recognized for their attention to detail and willingness to assist the Janesville Police Department in enforcing laws pertaining to prescription drug fraud. Kealey Pharmacy goes above and beyond to form a working relationship between government and business to help create a safer community. 


On October 26th, 2013, Brian Iverson awoke to hear some rustling in his bedroom. An intruder was crawling on the floor near the foot of his bed. Mr. Iverson yelled at the suspect and asked him what he was doing in the house. The suspect immediately ran out of the bedroom and down the stairs to the front door. Mr. Iverson chased after the suspect. The suspect tripped trying to escape and Mr. Iverson jumped on him. The two continued to wrestle on the sidewalk area in the front of the home. Mr. Iverson sustained noticeable injuries to his left eye and elbow during the confrontation. 

Janesville police officers were in the area investigating a complaint of a burglary from a nearby home. Officers arrived on scene quickly and took the suspect into custody. The suspect was arrested on multiple charges. 

Mr. Iverson’s swift actions and bravery resulted in the capture and arrest of the suspect. The Janesville Police Department appreciates and recognizes his actions.