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Outside the Box: Germany fights on two fronts to preserve the eurozone
The ECB and Chancellor Merkel face stiffer opposition than ever, write Adriano Bosoni and Mark Fleming-Williams.
10/02/2014 02:35:25am
Hong Kong protests, as seen by Chinese mainlanders
While media in mainland China is offering very little coverage of the mass protests in Hong Kong, the issue is getting splashed across social media. And perhaps not surprisingly, the comments lean decidedly against the demonstrators, with many alleging the movement is a foreign plot.
10/02/2014 01:09:19am
10 rental markets with the worst returns
Those looking to buy a single-family home and rent it out may want to steer clear of the Northeast and California.
10/02/2014 12:03:34am
The Wall Street Journal: Hong Kong government seeks to wait out protesters
The Hong Kong administration has adopted a new strategy to marshal the city’s widespread pro-democracy rallies: let them run until they taper off or lose support from the wider public, The Wall Street Journal reports.
10/01/2014 10:10:53pm
We’ve declared #NoSadTraders. Here’s what you suggest instead...
MarketWatch chief Jeremy Olshan announces an end to photos of the NYSE trading floor. Instead, we’re looking to your recommendations for alternatives.
10/01/2014 06:55:50pm
Outside the Box: 4 ways U.S. companies can move this country forward
U.S. corporations could have a major impact on the economy, and earn decent returns, in at least four ways, writes Jeremy Wiesen.
10/01/2014 06:11:37pm
After Hours: Esperion shares rally on cholesterol drug study
Shares of Esperion Therapeutics rally after the drug developer said its treatment significantly lowered bad cholesterol in patients enrolled in a clinical trial.
10/01/2014 06:03:00pm
The Wall Street Journal: DirecTV, NFL extend ‘Sunday Ticket’ package
DirecTV and the National Football League said they reached a multiyear agreement that would extend the satellite-TV provider’s exclusive right to carry every Sunday afternoon game, a key provision of the company’s pending $49 billion acquisition by AT&T Inc.
10/01/2014 05:47:19pm
Corrections: China faces Hong Kong democracy crisis
A MarketWatch column of Sept. 30 misstated the time elapsed since the 1989 crackdown on protesters at Tiananmen Square in Beijing.
10/01/2014 05:39:24pm
Craig Stephen's This Week in China: China faces Hong Kong democracy crisis
The escalation of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests raises tail risks such as a possible liquidity shock, and even poses a threat to China’s one-party government itself, writes Craig Stephen.
10/01/2014 05:38:55pm