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Parenting in Public

Ok, I’m in the mall this weekend and I see the sight that never ceases to amaze me. Two kids yelling at mom and dad, and I mean yelling! It wasn’t the kids so much yelling at mom & dad, sadly I have gotten used to that. It was the parent’s reaction and stance that literally amazed me.

As the children screamed “You promised! You said we could!” the parents were on the heels of their feet with their hands held up & palms out as if they were frightened or trying to negotiate with their two blessings from God. That is the site that truly blew me away.

I know it’s unfair to compare my upbringing to any other persons on this planet, but it is the only bar line that I have to work with. Quite frankly, I would probably do things a lot differently than my parents did, but they cared and were concerned with their children’s future. Which begs the question, was it wrong that my siblings and I had a healthy fear of Mom & Dad?

I won’t go through the entire litany of “when I was a kid” anecdotes. That said. I can assure you we didn’t even point at our parents, never mind point and scream at them in public. I am also NOT judging mom & dad here. I literally felt bad for them. I could see to young parents who listened to all the advice, had the kids best interests at heart and wanted only good communication with their children. I was not even saying to myself that these parents should take physical action in the middle of the Janesville Mall. I was asking myself how do these parents solve what is a very obvious problem?

As Rosie said on the show today, this behavior does not happen over night and this attitude doesn’t develop in a short amount of time. I may question the “Be your kids friend” philosophy or not guiding kids with a firm and absolute authority, but one thing became very clear to me this weekend and I came to this conclusion.

I don’t envy parents today.

I hope you had a good Easter.

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01/16/2013 8:28PM
Parenting in Public
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