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Pro Sports Labor troubles bore me

With the focus of not only the state of Wisconsin,but across the country on Madison and the Budget repair bill and it's implications,the deadline for the NFL and it's players union to reach a new collective bargaining agreement is next week. The NBA is also trying to get a new CBA with it's players as their contract expires in June. We have budget problems in our everyday life at home,at work,at school, and at the GAS PUMP. I can't feel sorry for the NFL and NBA owners or players. What is going on in Madison is real life. Not for a select few elite athletes,who I am not dissing at all. They are gifted and have worked hard to get where they are.
Still,thinking of paying 30 bucks for a NBA game ticket when my budget is taking a hit it seems every time I turn around. Let 'em worry about it. Not me.

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