Rock County Sheriff investigating possible illegal logging activity

The Rock County Sheriff's Office says it's investigating reports that loggers have been harvesting fallen trees without permission, and without permits.

On April 17th, the Sheriff’s Office was contacted by a Town of Magnolia landowner about persons entering his property the previous day and logging trees without permission. The landowner confronted the loggers who claimed they erroneously entered and felled Walnut and Oak trees under the belief the land was owned by the adjacent landowner for whom they were providing logging services. The landowner believed the loggers’ explanation was a rehearsed response to cover illegal activity.   
In reviewing this incident, it appears other landowners in the Town of Magnolia may have experienced similar incidents with loggers claiming erroneous entry.  Market price for felled trees used in the lumber industry is apparently high, which may explain why surreptitious logging activity is reportedly occurring.
Sheriff Spoden would like to use this incident as a reminder that section 26.03(1) of the Wisconsin State Statutes governs tree harvesting.  To legally harvest trees in Rock County, a form can be obtained and submitted for approval through the Rock County Clerk’s Office.   Lastly, Sheriff Spoden encourages anyone with information related to illegal tree harvesting, to contact the Rock County Sheriff’s Office.