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Tim Bremel


Program Director since 1998, Tim actually started working for WCLO/WJVL as a commercial copywriter in 1987. Tim now hosts the morning talk show. He also serves as the station's webmaster and promotions director.

Something to talk about

There was a reason we selected "Your Talk Show" for the name of the reincarnated local talk show on WCLO last July. We want it to be a sounding board of the communities WCLO serves; not just the sound of the host.

Its true that the program has a host. Its true that the host will offer opinions and points of view that not everyone agrees with. But after all, isn't that the point of dialog?
As the host, I often will revert to topic areas that I am more familiar with, but I am always willing to widen my knowledge base and pursue other topics.

So my question here is: What topics would you like to see on "Your Talk Show"?. Leave a comment, or Email the Show's Assistant Producer. and, while I can't promise all suggestions will make it onto the show, I can promise we'll give each one serious consideration.

I'm looking forward to an engaging community discussion on a variety of topics in 2012 and I'm thankful to have you as a part of "Your Talk Show".

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