Supply shortage prompts Janesville to mix salt with sand

The City of Janesville will be spreading sand ,along with salt, during the next winter storm. Janesville City Operations Manager John Whitcomb thought he was ready for whatever this winter might through at him, but apparently that didn't include a supply shortage for his anticipated road salt deliveries. He says the city's vender isn't able to come through with the latest order. So now, he says crews will begin mixing sand with the salt to make what's left last. The salt in the sand mixture will still melt snow and ice, but not as quickly. He says this may keep roads covered longer, but the sand does allow for more traction. He adds It's possible the snow and ice storms in the deep south may be having an impact on supply. Whitcomb says ironically, winter didn't even really begin until this time last year, and already this year crews have gone through an average season worth of road salt.

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