Your Talk Show Podcasts

12/19/14 Ron & Bryan Mallon

Culver's has been locally owned and operated for 20 years, and in that time have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars back to community organizations. We talk with Ron & Bryan Mallon, of Janesville and Newville Culver's.

12/19/14 Open Phones/John McGivern

First, more open phone time. Then, the star of “A Kodachrome Christmas” , playing at UW-Whitewater.on December 20th, joins us for a preview.

12/19/14 Fun For All Friday

Your calls on a variety of topics.

12/18/14 Stay Healthy Rock County

Holiday Heart Syndrome, with Dr. Jeffery Kushner, Cardiologist at St. Mary's in Janesville.

12/18/14 Open Phones

Your calls on a variety of topics.

12/18/14 Open Phones

Sony has decided to cancel the release of "The Interview," a movie that portrays an assassination attempt on North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un. Is this giving in to terrorist demands? We hear your thoughts.

12/17/14 Angie Edge-WMMB

Holiday treats from Angie Edge and the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

12/17/14 Mark Freitag

Our monthly update with Janesville's City Manager.

12/17/14 Open Phones

Your calls on a variety of topics.

12/16/14 Focus on the Facts

Wade is back focusing on the most recent budget deal.

12/16/14 Open Phones/Brian Noyse

First, more open phone time. Then, we get some tips and hints on how you can be sure you get what you're paying for this holiday season with Brian Noyse from the US Chamber of Commerce.

12/16/14 Open Phones

Your calls on a variety of topics... Including, decoding teenager's cell phone acronyms.

12/11/14 Stay Healthy Rock County

Keeping the extra pounds from piling on during the holiday season with Registered Dietitian Amy Stepp.

12/11/14 Dr. Barb Kelly-School District of Janesville

We follow up with the Special Needs Education Specialist at the School District of Janesville on how the District attempts to meet the unique needs of special needs students. This is a follow-up to last week's open phone discussion on the topic.

12/11/14 Community Action

Beth Tallon, Traci Scherck, and Lynn Vollbrecht give us the details on a new capital campaign to improve the facilities at the Community Kids Learning Center. For more details, go to

12/10/14 Business Tech Tips

Technology is impacting nearly every business. We chat with the business IT experts from Crystal Computer Consulting on a variety of topics in this monthly series each 2nd Wednesday of the month. This month's topic: Cloud Computing with Brian Lippincott.

12/10/14 John Beckord-President of Forward Janesville

We continue our discussion from last week on the downtown development plans and the role of Forward Janesville in the development of business friendly environments in our community.

12/10/14 Open Phones

Your calls on race relations, government transparency and the recently released CIA torture report.

12/9/14 Wild Birds Unlimited

Birding for the holiday's, with Mary Wacha.

12/9/14 Open Phones

More of your calls on Right to Work states.

12/9/14 UAA Janesville Creativity Awards/Open Phones

First, as the annual event recognizing local talent nears, UAA President Yuri Rashkin and committee member Sarah Baior join us to announce the nominees. Then, Right to Work legislation is being proposed in WI, we hear your thoughts.

12/6/14 One-Room Schoolhouse

With Dick Towns and Glen Thompson.

12/8/14 Jordan Goodman/Open Phones

Personal Finance Expert and Editorial Staffer at Money Magazine, Jordan Goodman will join us to sort out some of the potential pitfalls of dropping oil and gas prices. Then, your calls on a variety of topics.

12/8/14 Miscellaneous Monday

First, since Tim Bremel is a "Christmas light geek," when the opportunity to talk with one of the judges of ABC Television's "Great Christmas Light Fight" presents itself, we've gotta do the interview. How many lights will it take to win this year's fight? We talk with Michael Moloney. Then, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson joins us for a discussion on the Immigration drama in Congress, the

12/6/14 Fun For All Friday

First, more open phone time. Then, Ron Schuler, a member of the group "Golden Glow of Christmas Past" joins us for a unique trip down memory lane and the ideas of Christmas collectibles.