Your Talk Show Podcasts

4/27/15 Open Phones

Your thoughts on plea deals and more.

4/27/15 Miscellaneous Monday

First, a monologue on the broadcasting business from Tim. Then, open phones on a recent story of the staggering number of plea deals vs jury trials.

4/24/15 Brittney McKay - Rock River Philharmonic

A unique opportunity is coming your way. We'll fill you in on the latest RRP performance.

4/24/15 Wade Williams Guest Hosts

Presidential debates, the music business and more.

4/24/15 Fun For All Friday

Wade Williams guest hosts.

4/23/15 Stay Healthy Rock County

Neurologist and sleep specialist Dr. Mark Lanser on the importance of a good night's sleep.

4/23/15 Open Phones/Glenn Disrude

First, more open phone time on the city petitions and more. Then, Glenn Disrude from the Blackhawk Golden K Kiwanis is in to preview the upcoming tree sale at Rotary Gardens.

4/23/15 Open Phones

First, we hear remarks from President Obama about a US drone strike that killed to American hostages. Then, open phones on a variety of topics.

Holocaust Remembrance Day

By popular demand - a podcast of our radio special from 4/15/15.

4/22/15 Dr. Jane Anderson

The doctor is in with info on the upcoming Mercy Screening Test.

4/22/15 JPD Chief Dave Moore - Use of Force

How do our local law enforcement officers decide when to use force, and how much? Extensive training is part of the answer. We'll talk with the Janesville Police Chief about the program and how it may work in "real life'.

4/22/15 Tim's Travel Experience

Tim went on a mini-vacation this past weekend... and well let's just say it was "interesting."

4/20/15 Wade Williams Guest Hosts

More with Representative Amy Loudenbeck. Then, open phones on the budget and more.

4/20/15 Wade Williams Guest Hosts

First, Congressmen Paul Ryan updates us on newly proposed trade legislation. Then, Representative Amy Loudenbeck joins us for an update on a variety of state issues.

4/17/15 Fun For All Friday

Breaking news on a lawsuit against the City of Janesville, we chat with Billy McCoy. Then, more open phone time.

4/17/15 Rep. Andy Jorgensen/Steve Copozolla

First, an update on Senior Care and other issues with State Representative Andy Jorgensen. Then, we talk with the Steven Copozolla with the U.S. Business & Industry Council about the good and bad of a trade deal in which, to this point, largely only President Obama has been working on and whether congress should be in on the discussion.

4/17/15 Fun For All Friday

The trailer for the new Star Wars is out! Plus, a look at a generous Seattle-based CEO.

4/16/15 Stay Healthy Rock County

Health benefits of volunteering with Kelly Clayton, Manager of Volunteer Services.

4/15/15 Open Phones

The discussion on Janesville's downtown development continues.

4/15/15 Jeff Whiteman

We talk with Jeff Whiteman, Director Of Operations of Geronimo Hospitality Group,
which is the force behind such Beloit area successes as the Iron Works Hotel, The new Beloit Club, Merrill and Houston's Steak House.

4/15/15 Open Phones

Your thoughts on equal pay and income tax.

4/14/15 Focus on the Facts

Wade focuses on the facts of income tax.

4/14/15 Chad Sullivan & Sarah Johnson

We'll highlight an important community engagement session on Heroin with Sarah Johnson of "Janesville Mobilizing for Change" as well as other community safety discussions with Officer Chad Sullivan of the Janesville Police Department on this edition of "Cop Talk".

4/14/15 Open Phones

The "Free-Range Parents" are back in the news..we take your calls on that topic and more.

4/13/15 Open Phones

The conversation continues on the proposed Bucks Stadium and a new grocery store coming to Janesville.