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9/19/14 Beloit Autorama

Joe Chamberlain, one of the founders of the Beloit Evening Lions club joins us for a look at the upcoming Autorama event.

9/19/14 Free for All Friday

First, more open phone time. Then, GM will introduce a Cadillac model in two years that can be driven on the highway without the driver holding the steering wheel or putting a foot on a pedal. We talk about the technology and implications with NationalAutomotive Authority, ASE Certified Technician and Author of 'Car Care for the Clueless', Pam Oakes.

9/19/14 Free for All Friday

Open phones on religious extremism.

9/18/14 Stay Healthy Rock County

Exploring Enterovirus D68, a respiratory virus impacting several of the nation's teens.

9/18/14 Lori Stottler/Monster Machines In Motion

First, our Rock County Clerk joins us to go over the "nuts and bolts" of the Voter ID requirement expected to be in place when you vote on November 4. Then, Mark Robinson and Nancy Brooks give us the details on a fun family fundraiser where you can get up close and personal with some big machines.

9/18/14 Open Phones

Fire station, a GOP lawsuit, and the Scott's vote on Independence.

9/17/14 The Last Five Years

Brett Frazier and Amanda Rodriguez stop in to take a look at the upcoming JPAC production; "The Last Five Years."

9/17/14 City Manager Mark Freitag

Our monthly update with Janesville's City Manager.

9/17/14 Hero/Peace Week

First, Burgess Jenkins joins us to talk about his new movie "Hero" available on DVD. Then, the Diversity Action Team of Rock County and other sponsors will celebrate the International Day of Peace on Sept. 21 at Peace Park in Janesville from 1 - 4 pm.
We preview that event and others this week with Michael Coogan and Rene Bue.

9/16/14 Focus on the Facts

Wade Williams focuses on Voter ID.

9/16/14 Open Phones

Voter ID continued.

9/16/14 Open Phones

Voter ID has been reinstated for the fall election, we hear your thoughts.

9/15/14 Miscellaneous Monday

More open phone time on a variety of topics. Plus, Brooks Reynolds, AKA "Face of Bacon", Co-Founder of Madison Bacon Festival and Chair of the U.S. Bacon Board joins us to alert bacon lovers to a new opportunity -- but you may have to act fast to get tickets.

9/15/14 Miscellaneous Monday

ISIL, politics, petitions and a whole lot more in this edition of YTS.

9/12/14 Angie Edge

There’s no better way to cheer on our beloved football teams than weekend tailgating with our favorite food: Wisconsin Cheese! We feature the football fiesta dip and other great dairy dips for watching our favorite football teams with Angie Edge from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

9/12/14 Mighty John Marshall

"Mighty" John Marshall, our vinyl record expert joins us with some very valuable records and takes your calls to see if you've got any "hot" records in your vinyl collection.

9/12/14 JPAC 10th Anniversary

First, some open phone time. Then, wel talk with JPAC Board member Oakleigh Ryan about festivities marking the 10th anniversary of the Janesville Performing Arts Center.

9/11/14 Tony Farrell & Jacqui Palcic - Suicide Prevention

Its been nearly two months since the death of Robin Williams rocked the nation and brought the topic of depression and suicide to the surface of conversation. We preview a local Suicide Awareness and Prevention Event taking place on Saturday, September27, 2014 at the Rock County fairgrounds.

9/11/14 Melissa Gilbert

First, some reflection on the 13th Anniversary of 9/11. Then, we talk with "Little House on the Prairie" star, Melissa Gilbert on the 40th anniversary of the series premiere and all that she has accomplished in the years since Laura left Walnut Grove, including a new cookbook that mixes past and present recipes.

9/10/14 Brian Lippincott

Technology is impacting nearly every business. We chat with the business IT experts from Crystal Computer Consulting on a variety of topics as we launch the first segment in what will become a monthly Your Talk Show Feature each 2nd Wednesday of the month.

9/10/14 World Waterski Tournament

First, more open phone time. Then, Rock Aqua Jays President Tim Cullen and Duane Snow tournament chairman will join us to showcase the World Waterski Championships coming to Janesville this weekend.

9/10/14 Open Phones

We take your calls on a variety of topics. ISIL, the budget shortfall, downtown Janesville, and a local offender gets a light sentence for a harsh crime.

9/9/14 Focus on the Facts

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9/9/14 Wade Williams Guest Hosts

44th District Representative Deb Kolste joins us for a look at issues in the state that will be important in the upcoming campaign.

9/9/14 Wade Williams Guest Hosts

Don't miss a day of Your Talk Show. You can hear complete program segments of most day's programs right here.