Your Talk Show Podcasts

8/4/15 Open Phones

More of your thoughts on a variety of issues.

8/4/15 Open Phones

City council and abortion.

8/4/15 Open Phones

Backyard chickens and more Janesville City Council meetings.

8/3/15 - John Marshall "The Record Guy"

We chat about your record collection and some vinyl treasures you might find at garage sales. More info at

8/3/15 - Fair Wrapup and Misc Monday

We review this year's Rock County 4-H Fair and take your calls during open phones.

7/31/15 - Stephanie Aegeter - Food Saver Demo

The manager of the Janesville Farmers Market demonstrates a food saving device that could save families over $2000 each year in wasted food.

7/31/15 - Bread Pudding and Fair Stuff

We talk with one of the owners of Erma's Sweet Rolls and have some general fun conversations during our final broadcast from the 4-H Fair.

7/31/15 - Fair Info & Rep. Deb Kolste

After an update on today's fair activities, we visit with 44th Assembly District Representative Deb Kolste on topics including open records, the budget, the Bucks and more.

7/30/15 - Stay Healthy Rock County

Today, we talk about bed bugs. How to find them, get rid of them, deal with the bites and symptoms and prevent them from moving in with you.

7/30/15 - Rep. Andy Jorgensen / Mike Reuter

First we visit with Representative Andy Jorgensen on the budget, the bucks and a plan to encourage healthy eating for those on food stamps. Then we learn about this weekend's Tallman Arts Fest with Mike Reuter and Meghan Walker.

7/30/15 - Fair and Rep. Amy Loudenbeck

An update on today's fair activities, then Representative Amy Loudenbeck checks in on the budget, the open records debate and privacy issues.

Chad Sullivan - National Night Out

We visit with Officer Chad Sullivan of the Janesville Police Department to discuss next Tuesday's National Night Out event.

7/29/15 - CPR Training and Wakeboard Competition

First, we learn "hands only CPR" from Mercy Health System. Then, information on this weekend's pro wakeboard competition at Traxler Park.

7/29/15 - Food and InFAIRmation

We preview today's activities at the fair and visit with some food vendors.

7/27/15 - Fair and Packer Facts

Wade Williams continues his discussion of facts about the fair, and drops in some facts regarding today's Green Bay Packers stockholders meeting as well.

7/28/15 - Pete Lee and Fair Facts

First, Comedian Pete Lee joins us in advance of his show at the fair tonight. Then Wade Williams joins us for facts about the fair going way back in history.

7/28/15 - Rock County Fair Day 1

Maureen Fox-Rousch, concessions manager of the fair joins us for a look at the upcoming week of fun.

7/27/15 - 4 Years of Your Talk Show

As Tim heads into year #5 hosting Your Talk Show, listeners share their thoughts.

7/27/15 - Misc. Monday; Trump and heroes

Open phones topics include the Donald Trump polls, what is heroism and other miscellaneous topics.

7/24/15 - Kathy Morton, Scott Davis - Fair Entertainment

We preview this year's daytime entertainment options at the Rock County 4-H Fair with the fair's daytime entertainment committee chairs.

7/24/15 - Your Rights and courtesy

The conversation regarding the recent story and comments regarding a breast feeding mom and the resulting demonstration are the topic of conversation and caller comments.

7/24/15 - Rotary Gardens Photos

We begin with a visit from Rotary Garden's Director Susan Meltion to discuss the photography policy in place. The, open phones discussion turns to common courtesy and the recent breast feeding controversy comes up.

7/23/15 - Stay Healthy Rock County

Troy Sheridan discusses safety practices and the potential problems that can arise from enjoying public pools, beaches and other water fun.

7/23/15 - More on Oath of Citizenship

The Obama Administration is allowing for modifications to the oath for those who object to serving in the country's defense for practically any reason. We discuss and take your calls.

7/23/15 - Sharknado, Immigration and Oath of Citizenship.

Our open phones hour begins with Tim's impromptu review of Sharknado 3. Then, talk turns to immigration and a preview of next hour's talk about removing the requirement to defend the country from the Oath of Citizenship.