Your Talk Show Podcasts

11/21/14 Wade Williams Guest Hosts

Fun for all Friday continues with a look at Thanksgiving music and movies.

11/21/14 Catching up with Edgerton

Mayor Chris Lund, City Administrator Ramona Flanigan, and Edgerton School District Superintendent Dr. Pauli join Wade for a discussion.

11/21/14 Wade Williams Guest Hosts

Your thoughts on the President's immigration plans.

11/20/14 Stay Healthy Rock County

Winter skin care with Genevieve Schultz.

11/20/14 Josh Smith, Rock County Administrator

We visit with the new Rock County Administrator and discuss the plans and challenges he sees as we move into a new year.

11/20/14 Wade Williams Guest Hosts

Wade covers a lot of ground in this first segment... the fire station, the states with the worst Thanksgiving get-together's and the real estate-local and statewide.

11/19/14 Angie Edge-WMMB

Its our annual holiday treat special with Angie Edge and lots of great tips and recipes for holiday treats using Wisconsin dairy products.

11/19/14 Janesville Jolly Jingle

There's new life to a Janesville holiday festival complete with a lighted parade. We preview the event and tell you how you can get your lighted entry in the line-up with Stephanie Aegerter and Elizabeth Hough

11/19/14 Open Phones

Your thoughts on proposed taxes to pay for road repairs.

11/11/14 Open Phones

Net Neutrality, Cat-tastrophe averted, budget, and downtown.

11/18/14 - Focus on the Facts -Low Gas Prices

Wade Williams joins us with some interesting information on the recent downturn in gasoline prices.

11/18/14 - Open Phones

Community Discussion continues on topics including transportation funding in Wisconsin.

11/18/14 - Anti-Social Media and Open Phones

First, Tim responds to a WCLO Facebook Page post. Then, open phones on the newly published City of Janesville Capital Improvement Plan.

11/17/14 - Misc. Monday Hour 2

Open Phone community discussion on a variety of topics continues.

11/17/14 - Misc. Monday Hour 1

A variety of topics and calls including city spending and minimum wage are discussed during the open phones segment.

11/14/14 Kari Klebba, Marthea Riley and Janet Fugate - ABWA

We meet the American Business Women's Association local chapter for a look into what their organization is all about... and how you can enjoy some delicious Wisconsin Cheese treats as you help them raise funds.

11/14/14 Heather Wagenhals

We visit with a Certified Theft Risk Management Specialist to discuss the best ways to protect your money and identity in the frenzy of holiday shopping. Then, take your calls on scams.

11/14/14 Open Phones

We take your calls on taxes and if parents should be on the hook for college tuition.

11/13/14 Stay Healthy Rock County

Winter weather safety with Dr. Russ Sharpswain.

11/13/14 John Whitcomb - Janesville Ops Dir. of Public Works

Open phones last week had a lot of questions about trash fee increases, the landfill operation and other city public works concerns. We'll talk with the city's Operations Director and take your calls.

11/13/14 Newt & Callista Gingrich

The former House Speaker and his wife are enjoying new careers as documentary commentators and authors. We discuss each of their new books and get a bit of a take on the upcoming Presidential races from Mr. Gingrich. Then, we take your calls.

11/12/14 Business Tech Tips

Technology is impacting nearly every business. We chat with business IT expert Brian Lippincott from Crystal Computer Consulting.

11/12/14 Mark Freitag

Our monthly update with Janesville's City Manager.

11/12/14 Open Phones

We take your calls on a variety of topics.

11/11/14 Focus on the Facts

Wade Williams focuses on Veteran's Day.