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6/30/15 Same-Sex Marriage Debate

We hear more of your thoughts on the issue.

6/30/15 Same-Sex Marriage Debate

This segment focuses more on the religion side of the argument. We speak with Pastor Cory Rajek.

6/30/15 Same-Sex Marriage Debate

We debate the Supreme Court ruling on Same-Sex marriage.

6/29/15 Officer Chad Sullivan-JPD

Officer Sullivan stops by with some 4th of July celebration do's and don'ts and more.

6/29/15 Miscellaneous Monday

A conversation on pet peeves somehow finds it's way to the recent Supreme Court rulings.

6/26/15 Jennifer Van Haaften - Old World Wisconsin

Wish you could relive the "Good Ol' Days"? Maybe you can. Join us for an exploration of some of the many activities you can experience at Old World Wisconsin -- just a short drive from Rock County, but a long trip back in time!

6/26/15 Rep. Andy Jorgensen

When we last spoke with Rep. Jorgensen, he left us requesting a meeting with Governor Walker regarding the budget. That meeting was held and today, we'll learn how it went.

6/26/15 Fun For All Friday

We wish our office manager and longtime colleague Lynn Demerath a happy retirement.

6/25/15 Stay Healthy Rock County

Eye health with Dr. BoKaye Dietmeier.

6/25/15 Wis. Dept. of Revenue Secretary Richard Chandler

Secretary Chandler will present some of the research and facts surrounding the Milwaukee Bucks financing deal and the overall impact of the Bucks staying versus leaving the state. Plus, remarks from President Obama on the ACA subsidy victory in the Supreme Court.

6/25/15 Open Phones

Your views on the "Confederate" flag and more.

6/24/15 Beloit Amateur Radio Club

We visit with a few members of Beloit's Amateur Radio Club: Alan Homan, Greg Niles and Brett Johnson, to discuss the hobby and an upcoming event where you can learn more.

6/24/15 Kevin Murray

Janesville School Board President Kevin Murray joins us to discuss the board's reversal of their decision to charge $150 for spousal insurance to district employees whose spouses have insurance available through other avenues. What are the implications of the reversal?

6/24/15 John Hawks "First Peoples"

John Hawks (Paleoanthropologist and series contributor) joins us to talk about a unique new series premiering on PBS tonight looking at the historical evidence of mankind's spread across the world's continents. The series premiers at 8pm on Wisconsin Public Television outlets. Then, we have some open phone time on new US policy on negotiating with terrorists.

6/20/15 Pam Jahnke

Jim talks to the "Fabulous Farm Babe."

6/23/15 Focus on the Facts

Wade focuses on the state budget and the 9-9-9 plan.

6/23/15 Open Phones/Ron Tunick

First, more open phone time. Then, Coach Ron Tunick joins us for a conversation on not letting fear mute your entrepreneurial aspirations. He's the author of "The Thinking Room."

6/23/15 Totally Random Tuesday

Movies, JSD health plan, and the WEDC.

6/22/15 Miscellaneous Monday

Your thoughts on the Confederate Flag.

6/22/15 Miscellaneous Monday

Another Child Protective Services story; a Janesville teacher files suit against the city, and more.

6/19/15 Biggest Loser Run/Walk

We chat with TV Series season 16 winner, Toma Dobrosavljevic and season 5 Winner and spokesman for the event, Dan Evans, about an event that's open to anyone in Rockford, IL this weekend.

6/19/15 Ann Jacobs/Nile Nickel

First, we talk with attorney and President of the Wisconsin Association for Justice about personal injury, particularly as it relates to auto accidents caused by irresponsible behavior. Then, you may have heard of the partnership between Levi's and Google that would let users interact with their smart phones through their clothing. Its not sci-fi, either. We'll get the latest on some of these

6/19/15 Open Phones

Your thoughts on the tragedy in South Carolina.

6/18/15 Stay Healthy Rock County

Preventing stroke and heart attack with Chest Pain Coordinator RN Andrea Hughes.

6/18/15 Open Phones

What does it mean to "Identify as....?" We talk about that and the LGBT movement and the death penalty.