27-year-old Jerod Guell was killed on the job on April 19th

United Ethanol Faces Fines Over Worker Death

United Ethanol in Milton is facing over $100,000 in fines after an OSHA investigation following the death of a worker in April found 15 health and safety violations.

27-year-old Jerod Guell was buried in corn and killed while he was trying to remove grain that was clogging a conveyor at the bottom of a large silo on April 19th.

The most serious violation in a report released Thursday, was one “willful violation” under OSHA's grain-handling regulations.

The report said United Ethanol failed to shut off and lock out conveyors used to empty grain silos while Guell was working inside.

Other violations included: Failing to have floor guards for grain chute openings, Failing to prevent exposure to hazardous moving parts in a grain silo, and Failing to prevent workers from entering bins when engulfment hazards exist.

OSHA proposes fines totaling $140,000.  Under federal rules, United Ethanol has 15 days from receiving the findings to contest the report, or it must begin to fix the violations.