Man defending self at trial opts for plea deal

A man who was defending himself at trial against charges of child sexual assault changed his mind Tuesday and took a plea agreement. Wade A. Hallett, 52, was accused of sexually assaulting a teen girl he knows on multiple occasions as well as possession of child pornography and violating a domestic abuse injunction. The former town of Fulton man had fired two attorneys before deciding to defend himself. Jury selection was completed Monday, and a three-day trial had been scheduled to start Wednesday in Rock County Court. The plea agreement prevents what could have been an excruciating moment: Hallett questioning the victim on the witness stand. Hallett pleaded no contest to one of the four sexual assault counts. The other three counts were dismissed but read into the record, to be considered at sentencing. Two child pornography charges — for possession of lewd photos of the girl Hallett allegedly made her send to him — were dismissed as was the violation of injunction charge. Hallett faces up to 40-years. His sentencing is set for January 2nd.