Janesville referendum construction begins with ceremonial ‘wall smashing’ at Lincoln Elementary School

Six students at Lincoln Elementary School in Janesville pounded hammers through drywall as part of a ceremonial wall smashing.

With J.P. Cullen hard hats and safety goggles on, the well-controlled student demolition Tuesday on the school’s front lawn marked the beginning of this summer’s referendum construction in the school district of Janesville.

Superintendent Steve Pophal said the first phase of the project will include safety upgrades in the front entrances of six school buildings to bring them up to modern standards.

Many of the district’s facilities were built in what school officials refer to as the “pre-Columbine” era when secure entrances were less of a concern.

These projects are funded by the $22.5 million capital referendum approved by voters last Fall, which also covers new boilers in multiple schools.