8/11/22 What’s Up Doc Sponsored by Mercyhealth

This week’s guest on Mercyhealth’s What’s Up Doc is Dr. Christopher Wistrom, an emergency medicine

8/11/22 Superintendent School District of Janesville

Mark Holzman, Superintendent of the School District of Janesville, joins the show with back to school details and

8/11/22 Janesville City Council President Paul Benson

With the announcement that City Manager Mark Freitag has been offered the position of city administrator at

8/10/22 Tomorrow is Carrie Jacobs Bond Day

Tomorrow is Carrie Jacobs Bond day in Janesville, Who is Carrie Jacobs Bond? Well, she’s an amazing songwriter

8/10/22 Lara Sutherlin Wisconsin Dept of Consumer Affairs

Lara joins the show to discuss the latest scams. DATCP Home Homepage

8/10/22 Bike Track Plans Followed by Harry Mihet Liberty Council

A local biking club is teaming up with the city of Janesville to give kids a place to ride bikes. Paul Murphy joins

8/9/22 Brett Healy from the MacIver Institute

Brett explains why Sparkle Boy in kindergarten is harmful, not helpful.

8/9/22 Dennis Goodenough and with The Beloit SkyCarp Maria Valentyn

Dennis, a local builder, discusses issues confronting builders in today’s market! Maria joins the program to

8/9/22 Focus on the Facts

Wade is in to Focus on the Facts of the most recent jobs report

8/9/22 Open Phones

open phone topics include the raid on Mar-a-Lago, funding the IRS and hunting the deer population at Rotary Gardens.