AG Matters

3/12/16 Rock County Drainage Board

With Dennis Beggs.

3/5/16 Agriculture in Brazil

With Rodrigo Zobaran.

2/27/16 MacFarlane Pheasants

With Bill MacFarlane

2/20/16 Yucatan Agriculture

With Chucho Basto.

2/13/16 Festival Foods

With Kevin Schnell.

2/6/16 Wood Furnace

With Willie Hughes and Dale Steadman

1/30/16 Veterinarian Business

With Scott Spaulding.

1/23/15 Farm Bureau

With Dale Beatty & John Gerbitz.

1/16/16 Solar Energy

With Laure Duvernell and John Daugherty.

1/2/16 Land Conservation

With Norm Tadt and Tom Sweeney.